Ultrasound diagnostics of the lungs

Ultrasound diagnostics of the lungs

Coronavirus affects various human organs and systems. It can cause serious complications and lead to serious consequences. So, after an illness, patients complain of disorders in the work of the heart, brain, kidneys, blood vessels, and lungs.

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center offers all patients an ultrasound examination of the lungs and pleural cavities in comfortable conditions with experienced doctors.

Ultrasound diagnostics of the lungs cost only 518 UAH

It is this diagnostic method that allows:

  • to assess the functional state of the lungs;
  • identify specific changes in the lungs concerning just with the COVID-19 coronavirus;
  • exclude other possible causes of shortness of breath (including acute).

The results will allow general practitioners to elaborate an individual program to restore health.

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Please note that the consequences of a coronavirus infection are no less dangerous than the infection itself. If you miss their development, they can lead to serious complications.