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HomepageTreatment of back and joint diseases by Huber Lab LPG device

The Huber device helps in:

  • treatment of the spine, posture correction;

  • prevention of spinal diseases;

  • recovery after surgical interventions and injuries;

  • treatment of specific neuralgic diseases;

  • restoration of the function of joints and ligaments.

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Treatment of back and joint diseases by Huber Lab LPG device

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About units

The human body is one of the most complex mechanisms in the world. It is difficult to rebalance artificially all organs and systems work. Nevertheless, some of the human body principles are used to develop modern technologies aimed at improving human health and well-being.

For example, it is no secret to anyone that the motor function is based on a nerve impulse that appears a little bit earlier and results in the movement itself. Based on this principle, a smart device from the LPG manufacturer Huber Lab has been developed. It is an innovative unique technology that has proven itself to be excellent in treating the spine and restoring motor activity after prolonged immobilization.


About Huber Lab

LPG Hubber LAB Today it is one of the most effective technologies for rehabilitation. A large number of specialists were involved in its creation: rehabilitologists, doctors, kinesiotherapists, scientists, biomechanics, sportive doctors, and trainers. The main feature of the simulator – a wide range of possibilities to create individual training programs with minimal stress for the patient.

The technology is based on the principle of movement mechanics and body biofeedback. So that this simulator impact not only one specific muscle or muscle groups, but the entire muscle chain: flexor muscles, extensor muscles, and twisting ones. That is why the entire muscular and skeletal corset of a patient is involved in the training.

In the Healthy & Happy medical center, this rehabilitation simulator within customized individual programs is used for:

  • treatment of the spine, posture correction;
  • prevention of spinal diseases;
  • recovery after surgical interventions and injuries;
  • treatment of specific neuralgic diseases;
  • restoration of the function of joints and ligaments.

Spine treatment and posture correction

Due to the rotating platform and vertical displacement of the column with handles, the most optimal coordination of all muscles occurs. In the treatment of pathologies of the spine, a combination of vestibular, articular, and muscle exercises is used. Training on the Huber Lab LPG simulator helps to get muscle skills to maintain posture by engaging both the deep and superficial muscles of the back. Due to the dosed effect on the spine, the micromovements of the vertebrae are stimulated, as well as functional blocks are eliminated and the metabolism and microcirculation of blood in the vertebral discs are improved. The simulator is effective in the formation and strengthening of the muscle corset.

Recovery from surgery and injury

Most surgical interventions and injuries result in prolonged immobilization, which negatively affects all motor functions of a patient. With the help of exercises on the simulator, the microcirculation of blood and lymph in the joints and the spine is activated, as well as blockages, restricting movements, both functional and psychological, are removed. With the help of specially elaborated exercises, motor skills are recovered and muscles are strengthened to complete movements. The simulator stimulates the development and training of coordination, proprioception, and stability of body position, as well as an increase in the efficiency of interaction between skeletal muscles, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Treating neurological diseases

The device allows you to combine vestibular, articular, and muscle exercises, which allows you to use the simulator to solve neurological problems. The program set of exercises allows the patient to optimize it and gently return the body to its mobility and shape, as well as relieve pain by eliminating blockages and improving blood circulation in the affected areas. In addition, exercises on the simulator improve the psycho-emotional background, and due to the improvement of blood circulation throughout the body, general toning and improvement of well-being, in general, are occurred.

Restoration of the function of joints and ligaments

The set of training programs allows the patient to optimize it to solve any problems of the musculoskeletal system, including problems with loss of joints and ligaments mobility. Thanks to the exercises on the Huber Lab LPG simulator, metabolic processes in the tissues of the joints and vertebrae are enhanced, which ensures the restoration of the functional status of the joints and movements. In addition, exercises on the simulator can help to improve blood supply in general, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and improve the emotional state.

How is it going?

The rehabilitation course consists of specially selected exercises, their duration and frequency are prescribed by the doctor individually, based on the tasks that need to be solved in each specific case. The minimum course consists of 5 procedures.

The duration of one session is on average 15 minutes under the supervision of a doctor. After the procedure, there may be slight discomfort in the areas of simulator exposure, which disappears in 1-2 days on its own.

For a better and continue effect of training, they are used in combination with kinesiotaping, myofascial therapy, and therapeutic massage.


The treatment and restoration of motor function with the Huber Lab LPG trainer are not provided to pregnant women and lactating mothers. The expediency and indications to use the simulator, for the treatment and prevention of spine diseases are determined individually based on the results of an objective examination of the patient during the consultation with a doctor.

The procedure is not provided to patients with a pacemaker or implants, nevus (moles), and papillomas in the affected area, as well as if patients are taking medications or dietary supplements which are resulted in photosensitivity.


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Intervertebral joints movable and postural rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method400,00
Joint enthesis drainage100,00
Limb’s joints movable rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method300,00
Muscle-fascial limbs’ alignment(for medical reasons)400,00
Muscle-fascial trunk’s alignment600,00
Rehabilitation therapy within Huber device (30 min)400,00
Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I. consultation1000,00
Sports medicine doctor’s consultation800,00


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