About 60% of all visits to a pediatrician relate to the ear, nose and throat diseases. Cough, rhinitis, foreign body in the nose (quite common), adenoiditis, otitis, maxillary sinusitis, tonsillitis and this is by no means an exhaustive list of disorders with which people come to a pediatric otolaryngologist. Parents should be extremely careful: child’s ear, nose and throat system is rather vulnerable. A problem that was not detected on time or cold that was not completely cured can become the beginning of chronic disease that in future will require constant scrutiny and treatment and maybe even surgery. Timely visit to Healthy&Happy pediatric otolaryngologist will prevent occurrence of complications, and effective treatment will lead to full recovery.
Abscessed nasal, ear furuncles lancing1034,00
Cerumen plug removal (from one side)182,00
Culture BL (nose)196,00
Culture BL (pharynx)196,00
Culture ears + antibiotic susceptibility testing307,00
Cytologic examination of ear smear273,00
Cytological study of nasal smear260,00
Drugs turunda insertion254,00
Ear foreign body removal436,00
ENT-doctor consultation (adults)490,00
Eustachian tube insufflation and otomassage184,00
Extranasal maxillary sinus surgery9200,00
Inferior nasal concha vasotomy1440,00
Larynx drug infusion230,00
Laser Therapy (ENT) (1 session)108,00
Nose foreign body removal480,00
Nose vessels cauterization133,00
Papilloma removal (arches, tonsils)805,00
Paratonsillar abscess lancing873,00
Proaehts’ maxillary sinus lavage266,00
Radio-wave caustic of inferior nasal conchas1296,00
Radio-wave coagulation of lymphoid tissue residues after tonsillectomy720,00
Radio-wave coagulation of posterior pharyngeal wall granulations540,00
Radio-wave coagulation of throat lateral line960,00
Radio-wave excision of ENT-organs tumor936,00
Radio-wave removal of nasal cavity synechia1440,00
Radio-wave vascular coagulation in nosebleeding576,00
Repeated consultation of ENT-doctor (adults)390,00
Salpingocatheterism (one side)345,00
Sinus X-ray (1 projection)328,00
Soft tissue ultrasound305,00
Therapeutic electrophoresis in the clinic108,00
Throat foreign body removal480,00
Tonsil cyst excision460,00
Tympanic membrane paracentesis799,00
Ultrasound therapy (1 session)108,00
Uvulopalatoplasty radio-wave (1 session)1560,00
Сauterization of granulosa vegetation133,00