From birth to 12-14 years child’s eyesight undergoes all stages of development and formation. Thus, it is so important in childhood to visit regularly ophthalmologist in order to notice possible problems at the right moment. Timely diagnostics of eye diseases is a guarantee of successful treatment, recovery of full-fledged vision. It is a misconception that the first visit to a specialist should not be earlier than the age of one year. This opinion is mistaken – examinations of ophthalmologist are recommended to all children in the first year of life at the age of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.
Auto Kerato-Refractometry (computer)262,00
Chalazion treatment injections (cost of medication is not included)385,00
Computer perimetry328,00
Conjunctival foreign body removal275,00
Corneal foreign body removal418,00
Culture eyes + antibiotic susceptibility testing307,00
Eyeglasses fitting128,00
Eyeglasses fitting162,00
Eyelid Massage187,00
Lacrimal canal intubation315,00
Ophthalmology consultation (children)490,00
Opthalmotonous pressure measurement (by pneumotonometer)191,00
Parabulbarly Injections387,00
Repeated consultation of ophthalmologist (children)390,00
Trial Contact Lens Fittings169,00