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You need to visit your pediatric dermatologist if the following diseases are:

  • warts of viral origin;

  • corns;

  • neoplasms (hemangiomas, nevi);

  • pyoderma;

  • psoriasis;

  • acne, mycoses (fungi);

  • skin eczema.

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Skin problems are quite common ones. Generally, they caused due to poor ecology, unbalanced nutrition, weak immunity and a large amount of household chemicals and detergents used day after day. The combination of these factors affects well-being and often causes allergic reactions, including skin ones. The main task of pediatric dermatologist is to identify irritants and exclude them from the child’s life in time,  to choose the right skin care products, as well as to adjust the diet.     

In addition to contact and atopic dermatitis – common childhood skin diseases you should to get pediatric dermatologist’s consultation if there are:

  • Warts of viral origin;
  • Corns;
  • Neoplasms (hemangiomas, nevi)
  • Pyoderma;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Skin eczema;
  • Acne, mycoses (fungi).


The first step for effective treatment is properly diagnosis in time. In pediatric dermatology, laboratory diagnostics plays the significant role, namely:

  • Panel of microbiological and allergic studies;
  • Diagnosis of mycoses (fungal infections).

To determine the origin of the neoplasms and foresee their risks, dermatologists at the Healthy & Happy Medical Center conduct dermatoscopy – a visual examination of the skin using a dermatoscope (skin microscope).

If the doctor advises you to remove a mole or neoplasm on the skin in order to prevent the progress or complications skin cancer, Healthy & Happy Medical Center will proceed the removal procedure using modern bloodless methods:

  • Cryodestruction (removal of moles using liquid nitrogen);
  • Radio wave method (“radio wave knife”)


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Prices and special offers

Cryodestruction of one element up to 4 mm sized60,00
Dermatologist’s consultation for children – primary510,00
Dermatologist’s consultation for children – secondary430,00
Plantar wart removal317,00
Screening “Melanoma”490,00
Seborrheic keratosis cryodestruction (1 element)100,00
Сallus cryodestruction (1 element)200,00


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