Psychosomatic medicine


New powerful specialization - "Psychosomatic medicine and neurology " is presented in new Healthy & Happy branch at Volodymyrs’ka str. #51-53. The specialists are happy to help everyone who has problems related to the human mental health, such as:

• Depression
• Social phobias
• Neurosis and neurotic disorders
• Panic disorders
• Vegetative dystonia
• Chronic pain
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Schizophrenia
• Sexual disorders

Our experts will help to solve problems related to interpersonal relationships, including:

  • Problems in making contact with other people;
  • Personal features and behavioral stereotypes;
  • Family disagreements, conflicts, quarrels, etc.

The Branch specializes on:

Individual psychotherapy - a system of planned actions by certain methods on the human psyche in order to improve his mental and physical condition.
Family psychotherapy - a special type of interaction between a psychotherapist (or psychotherapists) with one or more members of the same family, aimed at correcting interpersonal relationships and eliminating emotional and behavioral disorders within the family.
Group psychotherapy - therapy when specially preselected peoples meets under the guidance of a psychotherapist to achieve goals: solving internal conflicts, relieving stress, correcting behavioral deviations and other psychotherapeutic praxis.
Kinesiotherapy - technique based on the habitual movements recovery by muscle tone enhancing.
Reflexology - the method is aimed to mobilize the body’s own resources, to involve all systems in the treatment process in the same moment. In each case, the selection of points, methods of treatment and the number of sessions is depends on the main syndrome, the age and the general condition of the patient.
Body Oriented Therapy - method-practice of influencing feelings through the body: helps to relax muscles and work with negative emotions accumulated in the subconscious. It is an instrument of personal growth, it allows to achieve full disclosure of personal potential, increasing the number of expression ways available to a person, expanding self-awareness, communication, and improving physical well-being.

Назва послугиЦіна
Session of curative kinesiotherapy of complexity category I (60 min.)650,00