New minimally invasive treatment method – transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization – gives an opportunity to get rid of hemorrhoids and to hasten postoperative rehabilitation. Healthy&Happy colorectal surgeons have successfully mastered and now apply this world’s popular method to fight with hemorrhoids. In addition, specialists of the one-day surgery unit remove pilonidal cysts, small rectal polyps and provide medical assistance to the patients with appendicitis. Professionalism of the doctors permits to be confident in the result due to the selection of optimal surgery methods.
Operations of the 2nd category (big abscesses (more than 4 cm in diameter), coccygeal fistula oncotomy,hematic abscess)4752,00
Operations of the 3rd category (hemorrhoid thrombectomy, small proctopolypus up to 2 cm)7920,00
Operations of the 4th category (coccygeal fistula ectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, exomphalos and bubonocele, anal fissure ectomy, paraproctitis oncotomy and perianal fistula removal, appendectomy)9504,00
Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (cost of one-time set is not included)8620,00