Some skin neoplasms are capable of cancerating. Modern surgical methods being applied in the Diagnostic and Treatment Center are cost-effective and minimally traumatic, therefore patients can return to their normal way of life within hours. Healthy&Happy oncologists will cope with atheromas, lipomas, warts, condylomata acuminata and nevi. Their competence also covers the removal of pudendal neoplasms. All the procedures are under local anesthesia and without suturing. If necessary, removed specimens are sent for microscopic examination, and in the event of any danger, patients are referred to the specialized institutions.

Radio-wave coagulation of the 1st category of malignant vascular tumor792,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 2nd category of malignant vascular tumor936,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 3rd category of malignant vascular tumor1224,00
Radio-wave excision of the 1st category of skin formation936,00
Radio-wave excision of the 2nd category of skin formation1080,00
Radio-wave excision of the 3rd category of skin formation1224,00