Plasma therapy
(plasma lifting)
in gynecology

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The course of plasmalifting is recommended for:

  • increased muscle tone;

  • restoration of tissue elasticity;

  • an increase in the sensitivity of the intimate zone.

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Plasma therapy (plasma lifting) in gynecology

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The birth of a child and the woman’s age affect the appearance and condition of the tissues of the intimate zone. In modern gynecology, many innovative techniques are used to restore elasticity and rejuvenate tissues, one of which is plasma lifting (plasma therapy).


Plasma therapy in gynecology is a procedure for rejuvenating the tissues of the intimate zone using platelet-rich blood. In addition, the procedure can be prescribed in complex therapy in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the female reproductive organs.

Human blood plasma has a positive effect on the regeneration of tissue cells from its own resources. Platelets contain growth factors that contribute to the natural improvement of metabolic processes in cells, renewal, and regeneration of tissues. In addition, platelets activate the body’s defenses, which helps to reduce inflammation. At the injection sites, the active production of collagen occurs, which increases the elasticity of the tissue, restoring its youth and healthy appearance.

How is the procedure?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to undergo a standard gynecological examination to identify various diseases and contraindications to the procedure.

The survey includes:

  • examination on a gynecological chair;
  • smear for microflora;
  • smear for infections;
  • smear for cytology;
  • colposcopy;
  • ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  • general analysis of blood and urine.

Immediately before the procedure, the patient’s blood is taken, which is placed in a centrifuge for 20-30 minutes. After that, the blood separated from the lymph and enriched with platelets is injected into the problematic place with the help of the thinnest needle. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The total duration of the procedure is 50-60 minutes.

After the procedure, slight swelling is possible at the injection sites, which disappears after a couple of hours. Full recovery becomes in 5-7 days. Plasma therapy is carried out in courses, the number of procedures and courses is determined by the doctor. As a rule, the course consists of 5-10 procedures.

Indications for plasma therapy:

  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;
  • adhesive processes;
  • cervical erosion;
  • sagging and loss of elasticity of the tissues of the intimate zone;
  • menopause (dryness, stress urinary incontinence, inability to reach orgasm).

The effect of the procedure comes after the first injection. As a result of injections with blood plasma, the following occurs:

  • increased muscle tone;
  • restoration of tissue elasticity;
  • an increase in the sensitivity of the intimate zone.


Plasma therapy is not performed if:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • herpes;
  • mental disorders;
  • tendency to scar formation.

Benefits of plasma therapy

Plasma treatment performs through the use of the body’s own defenses. This is one of the safest methods, since plasma therapy has no side effects, and patients do not have allergies to their own blood.

By activating the body’s defenses, treatment occurs by eliminating the cause, not the symptoms.


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Obstetrics and gynecology consultation610,00
PRP therapy (plasmolifting) for gynecology 1 session 1 tube1200,00
PRP therapy (plasmolifting) for gynecology 1 session 2 tubes1920,00
Repeated consultation of obstetrician-gynecologist560,00
Сomplete blood count161,00


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