Healthy&Happy dermatologists will help to forget about papillomas, warts and other minor troubles with the help of up-to-date equipment and latest operation methods. Thermocoagulation is an efficient method in the fight with such neoplasms. As regards neoplasms that are located not on the skin surface, but intracutaneously, or that cause some suspicions, specialists of the center have recourse to the radiowave surgery. This method is painless and minimally traumatic, with minimum risk of bleeding, as it does not affect surrounding healthy skin tissues.
Radio-wave coagulation of the 1st category of malignant vascular tumor792,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 2nd category of malignant vascular tumor936,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 3rd category of malignant vascular tumor1224,00
Radio-wave excision of the 1st category of skin formation936,00
Radio-wave excision of the 2nd category of skin formation1080,00
Radio-wave excision of the 3rd category of skin formation1224,00