Cytological screening panel

Cell analysis helps to detect the earliest stages of different pathologic processes, monitor the treatment course and persistence of the therapy effect. Cytological screening method permits to identify different cell growth pathologies. The analysis is based on the same principle as histological examination of biopsy specimen, but in this case it is required to take just a small amount of biomaterial. Cytological specimen – impression smear or scrape – can be taken during a few minutes without any special devices. In addition, this analysis is less invasive as compared to biopsy procedure.
Colpocytogram for pregnant139,00
Cytologic examination of 1 mammary gland punctate395,00
Cytologic examination of both mammary glands punctate718,00
Cytologic examination of both nipples discharge520,00
Cytologic examination of ear smear273,00
Cytologic examination of intrauterine device imprint459,00
Cytologic examination of one nipple discharge273,00
Cytologic examination of punctate (aspirate, skin scrape)460,00
Cytologic examination of uterine cavity content499,00
Cytological study of nasal smear260,00
Duodenal content microscopy198,00
General sputum analysis227,00
Histological examination of material678,00
Liquid-based cytology690,00
Oncocytological study179,00
Pap test (cytomorphologic examination of epithelium from the transformation zone and cervical canal)255,00
Prostate secretion study168,00
Semen Analysis (Spermogram) study399,00
Urinogenital smear (F) microscopy139,00
Urinogenital smear (M) microscopy139,00