Cancer panel

Key factor of successful cancer treatment is an early diagnostics of a problem. Analysis of tumor markers is one of the laboratory test methods with the help of which it is possible to detect a disease several months before the first symptoms, as well as reduce risk of complications by a few dozen times. Patient’s blood is used as a biomaterial for test.
Alpha-fetoprotein determination227,00
Cancer antigen СА 15-3 determination (mammary gland)254,00
Cancer antigen СА-125 determination (ovaries)254,00
Carcino-embryonic antigen determination227,00
Early cancer antigen determination НЕ-4 (ovaries)623,00
Free prostate-specific antigen (PSA) determination186,00
GIT tumor marker (Са 242)649,00
Pancreas and gallbladder tumor marker (Са 19-9)254,00
Stomach tumor marker (Са 72-4)679,00
Total prostate-specific antigen (PSA) determination186,00