Biochemical test panel

These are methods of biochemical test of fluids, cells and tissues, as well as substance and energy conversions proceeding in a human body in normal state and in case of pathology. Biomaterial for test is blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, digestive juices, etc.
Alkaline phosphatase activity determination75,00
Alpha-amylase (pancreatic amylase) activity determination75,00
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity determination75,00
Bilirubin Fractions153,00
Blood creatinine content determination75,00
Blood glucose content determination (fasting)72,00
Blood glucose content determination (Non-fasting)145,00
Calcium content determination79,00
Chloride content determination122,00
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) activity determination75,00
Glucose tolerance test316,00
Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase activity determination (ALT)75,00
Ionized calcium content determination141,00
Lactate dehydrogenase activity determination83,00
Lactose metabolism genetics (PCR method)541,00
Lipase activity determination102,00
Magnesium content determination79,00
Phosphorus content determination79,00
Potassium content determination79,00
Protein fractions content determination187,00
Sialic acids155,00
Sodium content determination79,00
Thymol test75,00
Total protein content determination75,00
Urea content determination75,00
Urea nitrogen content determination71,00
Uric acid content determination75,00
НОМА index311,00
Сaeruloplasmin (copper oxidase)297,00