Laboratory diagnostics for adults

Laboratory diagnostics is one of key priority areas in the medical activities. After all, without findings of the laboratory tests it is not only impossible to establish clinical diagnosis, but also to monitor therapy efficiency and safety. Many aspects depend on the professionalism, accuracy, scrupulousness of the specialists, so Healthy&Happy laboratory has only highly qualified staff capable of navigating complicated diagnostic situations and meeting current high requirements.


It is necessary to perform certain analyses for each disease, which can reflect the entire picture of a patient’s health condition. Combination of these analyses is a test panel.

Allergy test panel
Autoimmune screening panel
Biochemical test panel
Hormone panel
Diabetes panel
Common clinical test panel
Infectious disease panel
Microbiology panel
Iron panel
Cancer panel
Prenatal screening panel
Connective tissue disorder panel
Cardiovascular risk panel
Cytological screening panel