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X-ray diagnostics department of Healthy and Happy in Kyiv:

  • diagnostics on low-dose modern equipment;

  • powerful equipment of all medical centers in Kyiv;

  • issuance of a description within an hour;

  • archiving of photos and their export to external data carriers (CD, DVD);

  • the ability to store the report in the patient's electronic office.

X-ray diagnostics

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X-ray diagnostics

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Medical center at Volodymyrska Str.
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    Kyiv, Ukraine, 02068

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    Mo-Sa: 8:00-20:00
    Su: 9:00-14:00

Medical center at Saksaganskogo Str.
  • Address:

    Saksahanskoho str.39-A,
    Kyiv, Ukraine 01033

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    +38 (044) 501 02 03

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  • Schedule:

    Mo-Sa: 8:00-20:00
    Su: 9:00-14:00

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About units

Radiography is one of the first diagnostics methods that made a revolution in medicine, namely in the diseases diagnosis. Since first examinations, radiography is constantly changing and improving; Thanks to innovative equipment, this type of research is becoming more safe and accurate.

Today it is difficult to imagine areas of medicine without X-ray studies. Thanks to X-rays, doctors can detect inflammatory processes, system diseases, neoplasms, malformations, injuries.

Radiography aimed for:

  • Orthopedics and traumatology: to identify diseases of joints, bones, and to determine the exact location of injuries;
  • Pulmonology: the images allow you to observe anomalies in the development and disease of the lungs and bronchia, at first to diagnose of tuberculosis;
  • Neurology: radiography uses to obtain images of the skull and spine in different projections to clarify neurological diagnoses;
  • Otorhinolaryngology: carried out to examine the sinuses of the nose (maxillary and frontal) to detect inflammation and neoplasms;
  • Surgery: X-ray methods in surgery use for more targeted surgical treatment, as well as X-rays help to decide on the surgical intervention feasibility. Some invasions need to be under the control of radiography.

Healthy & Happy Medical Center uses modern, low-dose devices from Italian and Korean manufacturers for radiography. Modern radiography allows you to take pictures in several projections with minimal radiation exposure, to get more information, high-quality images of certain sections for the shortest possible time of studying.

For the purpose to describe the results of radiography more thoroughly, the radiologist knows in advance the direction for radiography and the patient’s medical history. If X-ray prescribed in order to study the diseases progression or to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, you should have previous X-rays result with you.

X-ray preparation

Radiography does not require special preparation except for the lumbosacral joints examination: you need to cleanse the intestines before the procedure.


There are no absolute contraindications for radiological diagnostics. X-ray examinations operate only by the doctor’s prescription. It is necessary to have referrals and appropriate notes in patients’ medical histories. Radiography is not recommends for pregnant women. Children do it only in the cases where other types of studies were not enough informative.


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Chest X-ray (1 projection)396,00
Foot X-ray (3 projections)473,00
Hip joints X-ray (1 projection)558,00
Radiography of limb bones (1 projection)456,00
Radiography of one joint (1 projection)399,00
Radiography of one spine region (1 projection)456,00
Skull X-ray (2 projections)558,00


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