Our medical center has available advanced X-ray machines – main helpers in the examination of lungs, paranasal sinuses, different regions of spine, hip joints. There is mammograph working for women’s health diagnostics.

Chest X-ray (1 projection)328,00
Chest X-ray (2 projections)437,00
Foot X-ray (1 projection)377,00
Foot X-ray (2 projections)377,00
Foot X-ray (3 projections)391,00
Hip joints X-ray (1 projection)461,00
Mammography of one mammary gland (two projections)380,00
Mammography of two mammary glands (two projections)667,00
Radiography of bones and joints of the upper limb (1 projection)377,00
Radiography of limb bones (1 projection)377,00
Radiography of lumbosacral joints (2 projections)377,00
Radiography of one joint (1 projection)330,00
Radiography of one spine region (2 projections)461,00
Radiography of one spine region with functional test (3 images)509,00
Sinus X-ray (1 projection)328,00
Wrist X-ray (2 projections)377,00