Other functional diagnostics

Ophthalmological tests

Nowadays there is enormous load imposed on the eyes, in view of this Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center places high emphasis on the research in the field of ophthalmology. Services available for you:

Automatic kerato-refractometry (computerized) defines visual acuity and detects pathologies at early stages.

Pneumotonometry measures intraocular pressure and makes it possible to identify dangerous pathologies, which can even result in total loss of vision.

Ophthalmoscopy gives precise information of the fundus of the eye and makes it possible to identify such conditions as retinal detachment, intraocular tumors and foreign bodies. Biomicroscopy – eye structure examination.

Computerized perimetry – ophthalmological test for determination of visual field limits.

Retinoscopy applies for assessment of eye function, including ability to refract light.

Schirmer’s test makes it possible to estimate tear volume.

Hearing tests

Audiogram will help to assess hearing acuity and order preventive or curative measures on timely basis.

Pulmonary tests

Spirometry will help to check condition of lungs and detect bronchial asthma at the right time.

To confirm or disprove bronchial spasm, doctors order spirometry with the use of medications.

Cardiovascular tests

Routine 12-lead electrocardiography with ECG interpretation will help to assess cardiac muscle condition and receive extended information about its function. 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring enables to monitor cardiovascular system performance during a day. Cardiac stress test will help to detect coronary heart disease at the right time, as well as to determine proper exercise load.

In the medical center, it is also possible to check arterial pressure in the normal daily mode without hospitalization by means of 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with special-purpose equipment.

Neurological tests

To diagnose vascular and inflammatory diseases of brain structures, functional brain disorders, Healthy&Happy doctors prescribe electroencephalography (EEG).