Admission to doctor mammologist
510 UAH
Обмежена пропозиція!

X-ray diagnostics department of Healthy and Happy in Kyiv:

  • diagnostics on low-dose modern equipment;

  • powerful equipment of all medical centers in Kyiv;

  • issuance of a description within an hour;

  • archiving of photos and their export to external data carriers (CD, DVD);

  • the ability to store the report in the patient's electronic office.


380 UAH


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Medical center at Saksaganskogo Str.
  • Address:

    Saksahanskoho str.39-A,
    Kyiv, Ukraine 01033

  • Phone:

    +38 (044) 501 02 03

  • E-mail:

  • Schedule:

    Mo-Sa: 8:00-20:00
    Su: 9:00-14:00

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About units

Our medical center has available advanced X-ray machines – main helpers in the examination of lungs, paranasal sinuses, different regions of spine, hip joints. There is mammograph working for women’s health diagnostics.



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Prices and special offers

Mamography of one milk plant (two projections)

380 грн

Mamography of two milky pricks (two projections)

677 грн

Mamography package

912 грн

The package "Mamography, for women at the age of up to 40 rock"

626 грн

Consultation of a surgeon-oncologist, mammologist

510 грн

Repeated consultation of a surgeon-oncologist, mammologist

390 грн

Ultrasonic examination of milk salmon

381 грн


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