Peels in Healthy and Happy:

  • glycolic (express and complex);

  • enzymatic;

  • azelaic;

  • pyruvic;

  • Jesner;

  • almond;

  • salicylic;

  • ferrule;

  • retinal yellow ABR peeling.

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About unit

Over the years, human skin loses elasticity, color, and a healthy appearance. And not just because of the loss of volume and moisture. Self-cleansing of the body – is a natural process, old cells die, new ones are formed in their place. This process is called cell regeneration. And if inside the body the dead cells are excreted by blood and lymph, then the dead cells that appeared on the surface of the skin are forming a keratinized layer. It is this layer of keratinized cells that affects the appearance of the skin, its color, and its brilliance. To remove layers of “dead” cells and return the skin to beauty and health, use various types of peels.


What are peels?

Peeling is a cosmetic treatment procedure aimed at removing the surface layer of epidermal cells. The main goal is to cleanse the skin of “dead” cells and smooth its surface.
There are several types of peels:

  • mechanical (brushes, scrubs);
  • physical (light, laser, etc.);
  • biological (cleansing with enzymes);
  • chemical (cleansing with various acids).

Chemical peels are more popular due to their high efficiency. To increase the effect, dermatologists and cosmetologists of the Healthy&Happy medical centers perform mono-peels or combinations with hardware techniques. Before choosing techniques, doctors provide a thorough diagnosis to determine the type of skin and the problems that need to be affected.

How does chemical peeling work?

Chemical peels are a very ancient method of skin cleansing. Wine vinegar is used for this purpose. Today in the arsenal of modern cosmetology there are a number of medicines based on various acids that have different degrees of effect on the skin.

Acid peels are chemical burns of varying intensity that help cleanse the skin of old cells, as well as stimulate regenerative processes and the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

By their action, peels are distinguished:

  • superficial;
  • middle;
  • deep.

Superficial peels have a more gentle effect, they are used most often, they are effective for cleansing the skin of keratinized cells, the return of healthy color, and fresh, shining skin. Some superficial peels effectively fight against superficial cosmetic defects: post-acne scars, enlarged pores, and small wrinkles.

The main advantage of superficial peels is that they do not require a rehabilitation period, after 1-3 hours there is redness, which can occur as a result of acid exposure, after 3 days there is a slight peeling. Peeling can be used by patients under 35 years of age with sensitive and hypersensitive skin.

Medium peeling has a deeper effect (penetrates to a depth of 0.45 mm) and is used to completely remove the entire epidermis to stimulate further recovery. Salicylic, retienic, and trichloroacetic acids are used for peels. Removing the layer of the epidermis, peeling triggers the active production of collagen and elastin, which has a positive effect on the elimination of small and medium wrinkles, acne, and post-acne scars, hyperpigmentation, signs of photoaging. Such peeling is quite traumatic, and the recovery period takes from 7 to 10 days.

The main advantage of medium peeling is the long-term effect (up to 6 months) after the procedure. It is not recommended for people with dark skin to prevent the appearance of light spots after peeling.

Deep peels based on phenolic acid “burn” the skin to a depth of 0.6 mm, which results in a powerful stimulation of regenerative processes in the skin. Thanks to peels, you can eliminate cosmetic defects, the effectiveness of the procedure can be compared with a surgical facelift. This peel is the most traumatic – the recovery period takes up to 6 months, but the effect of the procedure lasts 6-8 years. Peels are provided on patients over 60 years of age.

In the Healthy&Happy medical center for peel procedures, we use only the checked and qualitative medicines of world manufacturers of cosmetic products. Our experienced doctors cleanse the skin with the help of peels, using the techniques and medicines that are necessary to achieve the maximum desired result in each case.

Our specialists perform the following peels:

  • glycolic (express and complex);
  • enzymatic;
  • azelaic;
  • pyruvic;
  • Jesner;
  • almond;
  • salicylic;
  • ferrule;
  • retinal yellow ABR peeling.

The recovery period after peeling

In order to avoid complications after peeling, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations of a specialist, namely:

  • do not tear off crusts that have formed under the influence of acid;
  • do not sunbathe, visit the sauna and baths during the recovery period (7-20 days);
  • before going outside it is necessary to lubricate the skin with sunscreen;
  • for the period of recovery, it is necessary to stop the medication that increases sensitivity to sunlight.

By entrusting skincare to professionals, you can avoid unpleasant complications and get the maximum effect from the procedure.

Peels can be combined with other cosmetic procedures: hardware methods, massage, and injections.

Glycolic peel

Glycolic peel is a superficial type of peel based on glycolic acid, which helps to solve many aesthetic problems and diseases. This type of peeling is the basis of many cosmetic procedures aimed at resolving surface cosmetic defects.
Glycolic peeling is used in combination with anti-aging therapy, it also effectively eliminates the problems of oily and hypersensitive skin.

The main advantages of chemical glycol peel are:

  • suitable for all skin types;
  • can be performed at any time.

Enzymatic peel

Enzymatic peel is a non-traumatic and most gentle type of peel, during which substances based on protein compounds (enzymes) are used, which activate the process of the epidermis surface layers destruction. It allows to deeply clean the pores from dirt without injuring the top layer of the skin.
Enzymatic peel is suitable for people with problems and sensitive skin. Enzymatic peels are used in the treatment of hyperkeratosis (as part of complex therapy). Suitable for all skin types.

Azelaic peel

Azelaic peel is a superficial peel that contains azelaic acid, which helps to solve most skin problems caused by acne, rosacea, and rosacea. Peel can be used even in the stage of acute inflammation.

Azelaic peel has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects. The effect of azelaic acid on the skin prevents keratinization of the upper layer of the skin and effectively fights most skin diseases.

Jessner’s peel

Jessner peel is a combined middle peel, which consists of resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acids. The peel results in the active peeling of the skin, thanks to which it is effective in hyperkeratosis, skin relief disorders, and severe age-related changes.

Jessner peel or combined peel based on resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acids prevents photoaging, effectively fight many skin diseases. Suitable for any skin type.

Pyruvic peel

Pyruvic peel is a superficial peel based on pyruvic acid. It is effective for eliminating various manifestations of problem skin and acne. It is used to correct moderate signs of skin aging in young patients.

Pyruvic acid has antibacterial, sebostatic, comedonolytic, antioxidant, and depigmenting effects on the skin. The action of the acid normalizes subcutaneous secretion and has a moisturizing effect. Suitable for very sensitive skin.

Almond peel

Almond peel is a superficial peel based on mandelic acid.

Mandelic acid is excellent for the problem and sensitive skin has an antioxidant and moisturizing effect, prevents comedogenesis, and has a bactericidal effect (similar in effectiveness to the use of antibiotics).

Peeling can be carried out during periods of high solar activity. Suitable for very sensitive skin.

Salicylic peel

Salicylic peel has keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic effects. It is effective in the treatment of oily and problem skin, various forms of seborrhea, acne, and post-acne.

Salicylic peel is suitable for all skin types, including patients with problem skin.

Ferrule peel

Ferrule peel is a cleansing of the skin with the help of ferulic acid, which has an antioxidant effect and provides photoprotection. The acid also has keratolytic, whitening effects, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, which helps to increase skin elasticity.

Ferrule peeling can be done in any season, it is suitable for any skin type, including hypersensitive. Ferulic acid is highly effective in the prevention of photoaging, as well as in combating the effects of solar activity.

Retinal yellow peel

Retinal yellow ABR peel is a combined chemical peeling for problem skin. Unlike other acid chemical peels that affect the surface or surface-middle layers of the epidermis, its action is directed at the genome of the cell. As a result, the skin looks fresh and well-groomed, while enhancing its natural protective functions. Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, effective for acne with papulopustular elements.

Peel is performed after 30 years, can be done on patients with sensitive and very sensitive skin.


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Dermatovenerology consultation (adults)610,00
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Milk peeling576,00
Retinoic “yellow” peeling780,00
Retinoic peeling ABR720,00
Retinoic peeling ABR + care (face, neck, decollete)800,00


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