Advantages of ELOS technology:

  • the skin becomes more elastic;

  • wrinkles are smoothed;

  • healthy color returns;

  • the skin relief is aligned;

  • narrowing of pores;

  • skin defects become less noticeable.

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Young and healthy skin is not just the absence of wrinkles. With age and under the influence of negative environmental factors and stress, the skin loses elasticity, volume, shine from within, and color. They also become more noticeable and new pigment spots appear. Therefore, for the skin of the face and body to have a well-groomed and young look, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to the choice of procedures.

And if injection technologies are aimed at solving one more pronounced problem, then hardware rejuvenation on the device with ELOS technology conducts a comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin, returning it to its natural beauty and youth.


ELOS technology is a revolution in the world of the beauty industry. The effect of the procedure occurs due to the treatment of the skin with pulsed light and high-frequency electric current simultaneously. Within this treatment stimulates the production of its own elastin and collagen, and after the first procedure you can see a tangible result:

  • the skin becomes more elastic;
  • wrinkles are smoothed;
  • healthy color returns;
  • the skin relief is aligned;
  • narrowing of pores;
  • skin defects become less noticeable.

ELOS technology is the only non-invasive method of facial skin rejuvenation aimed at restoring the processes in the skin, to return its beauty and well-groomed appearance.

In addition to the restorative effect, the hardware rejuvenation procedure will help get rid of visible defects and skin and is indicated for:

  • hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • keratosis;
  • vascular defects;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • uneven skin tone;
  • enlarged pores;
  • scars from acne and furuncles;
  • freckles;
  • rosacea.

How is the procedure providing?

The procedure is completely painless, so there is no need for anesthesia. Sometimes people with sensitive skin can feel the heat and tingle in the affected areas. The advantage of ELOS technology is the doctor can individually select the intensity of light and radio frequencies during the procedure. Modern ELOS devices reduce the probability of skin burns to zero. There is no recovery period after the procedure, the ELOS device does not cause swelling, redness, bruising, and the effect of the procedure can be seen immediately: the skin will look radiant and fresh.

The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes, the number of procedures and the intensity of exposure depends on the type and condition of the skin, as well as the problems that need to be solved. Usually, for the onset of the desired effect, it is necessary to get 4-7 procedures with an interval of 1 time in 3 weeks.

Preparation for the procedure

The procedure is not recommended immediately after the beach or solarium, as the additional exposure of light and electric current to the skin affected by ultraviolet light can cause burns. Doctors recommend refraining from sunbathing and solarium for 2 weeks before any rejuvenation procedure.


The procedure has several contraindications. The procedure of hardware rejuvenation according to ELOS technology is not performed during pregnancy and lactation. As well as patients who have:

  • oncological diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • respiratory diseases and viral infections;
  • irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Also, contraindications for the procedure are antibiotics and retinoids medication. These medicines increase the sensitivity of the skin to light, so after taking them you need to take a break: 1 month after taking antibiotics and 6 months after taking retinoids.

The Healthy&Happy medical network uses modern Aurora equipment for hardware rejuvenation. Our cosmetologists have medical education and experience in performing hardware procedures using modern equipment. All this will help to perform the procedure as safely as possible for the patient and get the desired result in comfortable conditions of a private medical center at the European level.


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Cheekbone pigmentation removal498,00
Cheeks acne treatment360,00
Dermatovenerology consultation (adults)610,00
Eye rejuvenation585,00
Nose alae couperose treatment507,00
Vascular scars treatment – 1 Sra pulse27,00


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