Facial esthetics

Being a well-groomed woman is a modern trend and main request of the present-day world. Main task of beauty care is to make your face fresh, rid it of unaesthetic rash and fill skin with inner radiance. Healthy&Happy experts have all the beauty achievements at their disposal: professional cosmetic lines, various massage techniques, device-assisted methods. During relaxation and care session a cosmetologist can solve problems topical for you, for example, help to get rid of excessive dryness by means of hyaluronic acid serum, or reduce pigmentation with the help of lactic, glycolic, salicylic, azelaic and other alpha hydroxy acids.


If you worry about wrinkles, unhealthy face color or loss of turgor, skin and STD specialists and cosmetologists will offer painless, harmless and effective cryo rejuvenation therapy with the use of ultralow temperatures, or carboxytherapy with carbon dioxide agent being applied to skin to activate local blood circulation, or hydroxy therapy that facilitates delivery of nutrients to every skin cell.

Acid peeling enhancement108,00
Atraumatic cleansing – 1st category360,00
Atraumatic cleansing – 2nd category420,00
Atraumatic cleansing – 3rd category480,00
Azelaic peeling500,00
Care – age-related skin540,00
Care – aging prevention540,00
Care – problem skin540,00
Complex glycol peeling 20%500,00
Complex glycol peeling 50%575,00
Complex glycol peeling 70%661,00
Complex pyruvic peeling504,00
Cryomassage 1 zone (face, neck, decollete, shoulders, hairy part of the head)300,00
Express glycol peeling720,00
Facial cryotherapy400,00
Hydroxy therapy500,00
Jessner peeling600,00
Mandelic peeling576,00
Mechanical peeling (scrub or gommage)60,00
Medical Cleansing treatment + peeling800,00
Medical сleansing treatment 1 zone700,00
Medium TCA peeling (trichloroacetic) I category720,00
Medium TCA peeling (trichloroacetic) II category960,00
Medium TCA peeling (trichloroacetic) III category1200,00
Medium TCA peeling (trichloroacetic) IV category1440,00
Milk peeling576,00
Phytopiling (coral)692,00
Retinoic “yellow” + peeling960,00
Retinoic “yellow” peeling780,00
Retinoic peeling ABR720,00
Retinoic peeling ABR + care (face, neck, decollete)800,00
Salicylic peeling720,00
Soothing application120,00
Superlift peeling576,00
Therapeutic application180,00