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  • smoothes wrinkles;

  • change the shape of any part of the face or body (the shape of the lips, chin, cheekbones, etc.);

  • restore the clarity of the face oval;

  • helping to moisturize the skin

  • rejuvenate the image.

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Contour plastic

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All people dream to stay healthy and beautiful whenever. Despite the elixir of immortality has not yet been invented, there are many methods to be young as long as possible.

For a long time, plastic surgery methods have been used to hide the signs of aging. But cosmetology develops constantly and today the contour plastic is an effective tool that allows lifting the skin without surgical intervention.


What is contour plastic?

Contour plastic is an injection filling of problem areas with the special compound – filler. This technology has been in use for over forty years. Since then, both medicines and technologies are in evolution and continue to improve every year. The level of specialists’ proficiency using this technique is growing as well. All this ensures patient safety and lets to achieve impressive efficiency of the procedure.

The medicine used for contouring is based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of many tissues of the human body, which aimed at helping to moisturize the skin, bind and remove free radicals, and activate skin cell regeneration.

Some medicines contain substances (calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid) that impulse to produce its own collagen – a natural substance that maintains skin elasticity.

With age, the level of collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases, and the first signs of aging appear: the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and flabby. Dealers help restores facial contours and lost volumes.

At the Healthy & Happy Medical Center for face and body contouring, we use only certified high-quality products from leading manufacturers Belotero, Filorga, Saypha, Hyalual, Plural, Teosyal, Stylage, Juviderm.

Who needs to contour plastics?

Contour correction helps to achieve two main results: elimination of signs of aging (anti-age) and improvement of the face shape (beautification). Therefore, it can be provided at any age, depending on the tasks of the procedure and the patient’s wishes.

But you have to take into account that aesthetic medicine should be based on an integrated approach. Therefore, the procedure should be provided only by those cosmetologists who have medical education and are experienced in injections. They have to solve not only the aesthetic wishes of the patient within many other factors. For example, before the procedure, the specialists of the Healthy & Happy Medical Center take into account the age, general health status, and anatomical features of each patient face.

Highly qualified specialists of the Healthy&Happy Medical Centers will help:

  • to develop an effective complex of procedures aimed at restoring health and returning youth to the skin;
  • select effective medication;
  • carefully perform the procedure to return the lost volumes or change the shape of the face parts without violating the proportions and preserving their own individuality.

What problems can be solved by contour plastics?

Contour correction helps to solve several skin problems at once:

  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • returns the lost volume;
  • eliminates skin imperfections and defects;
  • moisturizes the skin and activates its regeneration processes.

With the help of contour plastics, you can:

  • change the shape of any part of the face or body (the shape of the lips, chin, cheekbones, etc.);
  • restore the clarity of the face oval;
  • rejuvenate the image.

Fillers are used to smoothing out wrinkles and correct the shape of various parts of the face and body, namely for:

  • elimination of forehead wrinkles, smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes 
  • correction of nasolabial and glabellar folds, nasolacrimal groove;
  • correction of the shape of the cheekbones, the volume of the cheeks;
  • correction of defects of the nose, chin, angles of the lower jaw;
  • correction of purse-string wrinkles (around the lips) and corners of the mouth;
  • correction of the shape of the lips, giving volume, clarity of their contour;
  • injection facial modeling (asymmetry correction, lifting, and volumetric modeling);
  • correction of post-acne scars;
  • correction of contoured veins in the arms.

Thanks to the skill and experience of the Healthy&Happy medical center specialists and the quality of the medicines used for contour plastics, our clients receive a guaranteed result, namely:

  • clearer and more symmetrical oval of the face while maintaining the proportions of the face;
  • restoration of problem areas volumes lost due to age-related changes;
  • elimination of asymmetry;
  • smoothing of deep wrinkles and facial skin creases;
  • return of freshness and natural face color, and maintenance of a well-groomed appearance.

The effect of the procedure is almost immediate and the final changes can be observed in 7-10 days after the procedure. It does not require a rehabilitation period. The duration of the effect is different for each zone. After contour plastics with fillers, the effect of the medicines fix for about 2 years, the procedure must be repeated only to correct the results. The procedure is performed with a thin needle, which practically leaves no traces after the procedure. Modern fillers dissolve easily, the result of the injection can be corrected, and the filler can be completely removed.

Advantages of Contour Plastic compared to Plastic Surgery

Compared to plastic surgery, beauty injections have a large number of advantages, namely:

  • the procedure is less traumatic;
  • the result can be seen almost immediately;
  • the procedure takes 10 to 40 minutes
  • short recovery period;
  • no special training is required;
  • lack of a large number of contraindications;
  • painless procedure, local anesthesia in the form of a cream is used for patients with low pain syndrome.


Contouring with injections has a few limitations and contraindications. Contour plastic is not performed for pregnant and lactating women, as well as during an exacerbation of the chronic diseases, respiratory viral infections, and influenza, inflammatory processes of the skin at places for the procedure, for autoimmune diseases. The doctor decides on the appropriateness of the procedure after review and consultation.

Cosmetologist’s recommendations

Before the contour plastics procedure, you should:

  • exclude alcohol consumption the day before the procedure;
  • reduce physical activity to a minimum;
  • no baths, saunas, exposure to the sun for a long time;
  • no massages and injections in the face for the next 2 weeks after the procedure.

For the effect of the procedure to be long-term, trust your health only to professionals, and also follow the recommendations of cosmetologists on lifestyle and skincare before and after the procedure.


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Prices and special offers

Contour plastic 1 area 1 ml5000,00
Contour plastic 1/2 area 0.5 ml1000,00
Dermatovenerology consultation (adults)610,00
Mesothreads 1 area on both sides3240,00
Repeated consultation of dermatovenerologist (adults)560,00


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