Cleansing (atraumatic and therapeutic)

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Atraumatic cleansing
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Cleansing (atraumatic and therapeutic):

  • recommended for all skin types;

  • painless;

  • without irritation and redness of the skin;

  • without injuring the skin;

  • the immediate effect (color and freshness improvement).

Dermatovenerology consultation

610 UAH

Cleansing (atraumatic and therapeutic)

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The skin is an organ that protects the body from infections, bacteria, dirt, and other harmful factors. Acting as a barrier, the skin itself suffers from negative external factors: exposure to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, and drying out. But most of all, she suffers from dust and dirt in the air.


For normal functioning, the skin must “breathe”, it does this with the help of pores, which most suffer from pollution: they become clogged (resulted in free sweating stop), and black dots (comedones), and even inflammation and even abscesses can appear. Clogged skin cannot perform its function properly, and if not cleaned it will become dull, discolored, and look healthy.

To cleanse the skin of impurities and subcutaneous fat, cosmetic face cleansing is performed.

What is facial cleansing?

It is necessary to cleanse the skin every day, but daily cleaning at home cannot cleanse the skin as much as it is possible with the help of professional cosmetic cleaning.

There are three types of cosmetic cleansing:

  • mechanical (manual);
  • hardware (ultrasonic face cleaning);
  • chemical.

There can also be combined face cleansing using several of these techniques. The type of cleaning should be chosen by the doctor taking into account the type of skin and the problems that need to be solved.

Healthy&Happy medical centers provide medical and non-traumatic facial cleansing, which is suitable for both women and men of any age. The main advantage of such cleaning is that it has no contraindications and side effects since the preparations are selected individually, taking into account the type of skin and allergic reactions of each individual.

How is cleaning done?

Skin cleansing in the Healthy&Happy medical centers is a complex procedure in several stages:

  1. the skin is cleared of make-up.
  2. a special agent is applied to the skin, which allows you to remove dead skin cells.
  3. the face skin exfoliating.
  4. warming up procedures within products that have moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing ingredients.
  5. cleaning with preparations of enzymatic action.
  6. applying the special masks with moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, and vasoconstrictor components.
  7. moisturize the skin with the help of special moisturizing and protective products.

When do you need to clean your face?

Cleansing is usually performed every 30-40 days, it is recommended to cleanse fat skin every 2 weeks. Cleansing can be aimed at therapeutic purposes and as well for prophylaxis.

Indications for cosmetic facial cleansing:

  • skin cleansing (blackheads, superficial comedones);
  • greasy plugs;
  • normalization of enlarged pores;
  • normalization of skin with an uneven surface.

Benefits and features of the cleansing procedures:

  • recommended for all skin types;
  • painless;
  • without irritation and redness of the skin;
  • without injuring the skin;
  • the immediate effect (color and freshness improvement).

Facial cleansing is not provided if:

  • vitiligo;
  • dermatitis;
  • furunculosis;
  • extra dry skin;
  • inflammation and irritation of the skin;
  • scratches and injured skin;
  • moles and warts on the face.

Cleaning is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Competently selected cleansing of the face and the experience of a doctor will help to cleanse the skin without complications and with maximum effect.


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Prices and special offers

Atraumatic cleansing – 1st category360,00
Atraumatic cleansing – 2nd category420,00
Atraumatic cleansing – 3rd category480,00
Care – age-related skin540,00
Care – aging prevention540,00
Care – problem skin540,00
Dermatovenerology consultation (adults)610,00
Medical Cleansing treatment + peeling800,00
Medical сleansing treatment 1 zone700,00


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