The result of treatment:

  • improving posture, relieving stress on problem areas of the spine;

  • strengthening the muscular corset of the spine, ligaments, and joints;

  • improves blood circulation, joint nutrition and ligaments;

  • changing the functional habits of the musculoskeletal system.

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About units

Vertebrology is a special direction in medicine, whose specialists are aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spine, paravertebral tissues, and joints problems. Experienced vertebrologists use various methods of physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine, and medication treatment in their work to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system and eliminate the causes of back pain.

The Vertebrology and Rehabilitation Division of the Healthy and Happy Medical Center is a combination of the experience of multidisciplinary professional teams with modern effective methods of the spine and joints rehabilitation and restoration. Vertebrological problems can be treat by orthopedists, traumatologists, neurologists, rehabilitation therapists, reflexologists, and/or physiotherapists. As well massage therapists are involved in the treatment plan implementation.

The specialists of the Vertebrology and Rehabilitation Division Healthy and Happy Medical Center will help not only restore of the spine and joints functioning, but also develop individual programs aimed at strengthening and improving well-being.

With the help of scientifically proven data and modern technologies, our experts will help to develop individual rehabilitation programs in the following areas:

  • pain removal;
  • prevention the hernias, protrusions, arthrosis, and scoliosis;
  • strengthening the spine muscular the spine.

When to contact the vertebrologist

You should contact your vertebrologist if you feel suddenly or for a long time pain and discomfort in such areas of your body:

  • in any part of the spine (lower back, thoracic region, neck)
  • in joints, muscles, and tendons;
  • you have a headache;
  • for prevention of back diseases.


A vertebrologist will help develop a rehabilitation program to restore the mobility of patients with a passive lifestyle, after surgery, arthroplasty, and trauma, with diseases resulting from age-related changes, with heavy physical loads or with preventive purposes. The help of a vertebrologist is also needed by women after childbirth.

Make an appointment with your doctor for back pain by (+38 044) 501 02 03 

With the help of modern and advanced techniques, vertebrologists at the Healthy and Happy Medical Center successfully treat such problems of the musculoskeletal system as:

  • protrusion (damage to the cartilage and intervertebral spine discs the spine in the form of protrusions without rupture of the fibrous ring);
  • hernias of the intervertebral discs (protrusion or prolapse of the pulpous nucleus of the intervertebral disc through a damaged fibrous ring);
  • spondylarthrosis (damage to the spine joints, vertebral body and adjacent tissues with the arthrosis formation);
  • spondylosis (proliferation of bone tissue on the vertebral bodies with the bone spiky outgrowths formation (osteophytes);
  • spondylolistosis (displacement of the vertebra forward or backward);
  • hyperkyphosis (round back, stoop);
  • scoliosis (progressive lateral spine curvature);
  • hyperlordosis (concave back, accompanied by the anterior tilt of the pelvis);
  • sciatica (inflammation of the intervertebral roots of the spinal cord);
  • lumbalgia (pain in the lumbar section of the back);
  • lumbar ischialgia (lower back pain gives in the leg);
  • thoracalgia/dorsalgia (pain in the chest area);
  • cervicalgia (pain in the neck);
  • cranialgia / cephalgia (headache, migraine);
  • intercostal neuralgia (pain along the intercostal nerves);
  • many other syndromes connected with damage to the spine (problems with visual and hearing impairment, dizziness, the lump in the throat, neurosis, increased blood pressure, pain in the shoulder joints, numbness in the arms and legs, cramps in the calf muscles, spasms of the respiratory muscles, pain in the knee joints and feet, etc.).

Diagnosis of the back and joints diseases

To prescribe effective treatment the vertebrologist has to define the exact cause of pain or limited mobility. In addition to the visual examination, the vertebrologist conducts functional diagnostics to determine mobility problems. For the purpose of the more accurate diagnosis at the Healthy and Happy Medical Center, you can pass the instrumental diagnostics, including ultrasound, radiography, electroencephalography, and electrocardiography on modern equipment from leading manufacturers of medical equipment. In some cases, doctors can recommend a CT-scan and an MRI-scan. To analyze the general state of health, laboratory diagnostics are prescribed.

Treatment Methods in the Vertebrology

At the Healthy and Happy Medical Center, innovative methods are used in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, including:

  • medication treatment;
  • massage therapy;
  • magnetic laser therapy;
  • impact wave therapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • electrotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • manual therapy;
  • kinesiotherapy (taping).

The combination of these techniques with other leading and globally confirmed treatment methods makes it possible to reduce pain in the joints and back just after the first session, as well as restore the moving activity of each patient who has applied for help to the Healthy and Happy Medical Center.

Treatment Methods Used in MC Healthy and Happy

The restoration of moving activity most often requires the integrated approach, therefore, as an individual program, the combination of various techniques aimed at physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal system restoration can be developed. The duration of the treatment course and the total program is developed by the doctor individually for each patient, depending on the tasks that need to be solved. Physiotherapeutic methods can be strengthened by medication.

At the Healthy and Happy Medical Center, we use modern and proven methods for the musculoskeletal system restoring.

By the physiotherapeutic methods, you can not:

  • improve blood microcirculation in the damaged area;
  • stimulate tissue repair
  • relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling
  • restore the nerve tissues conductivity and their enrichment with oxygen;
  • increase muscle tone and remove cramps.

Physiotherapy is used in combination with other methods of non-surgical treatment of the spine and joints.

At the Healthy and Happy Medical Center, physiotherapeutic procedures are performed by modern equipment, namely:

  • miostimulation (electrical stimulation, electromiostimulation) is the stimulation of the muscles to restore their tone, namely the elimination of cramping or weakness. It is used in cases of the spine curvature, for the treatment of intervertebral hernias and protrusions;
  • magnetic laser therapy, magnetotherapy – magnetic fields are used for treatment, which stimulates tissues and organs at the cellular level. This procedure helps to restore the vital activity of cells, helps restore damaged tissues and organs. Relieves swelling of inflammation and improves circulation in the internal tissues.

In addition to magnetic devices, modern ones use complex magnetic laser pulses:

  • electrophoresis – a technique that allows non-invasively (without the use of injection methods) to transport medicines directly to the zone of inflammation using electrical impulses;
  • amplipulse therapy – stimulates the therapeutic effect aimed at tissues and organs of the musculoskeletal system;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • impact wave therapy – relieves pain and improves blood circulation, which positively affects the restoration of damaged tissues, stimulates tissue regeneration (restoration).

Joints Manual Correction

This soft technique allows the patient to return the natural position of the joints due to manual correction without sudden moving and pain. Complex manual therapy of all parts of the spine is a soft technique for influencing each individual zones of the spine in order to restore the natural position of the vertebrae and restore spine mobility. The techniques help to relieve stress and the blocks from those zones where the displacement or infringement took place. The technique is used with a maximum accuracy of exposure to painful zones of the spine and eliminates the brutal force or “twisting”. As a rule, the patient feels relief after the first procedure. The method is effective for any pain in the back and neck, except for exacerbations, which are contraindications for manual therapy.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage helps to restore the elasticity and tone of the muscles that are involved in the retention of the vertebrae, improves blood circulation in the muscles, and as well relaxes blocked and spasmodic muscles. It is used with other physiotherapeutic procedures. Professional high-quality massage has a prolonged effect, which means that the patient will feel the effect of it for a long time after the end of the course.

Myofascial release

This technique helps to relieve tension and, as a result, pain in the spine and joints through exposure to trigger points. The technique works by the method of stretching and easing the pressure on the connective tissue, which allows the joints and spine to return their natural flexibility and mobility.

Medication blockades of various complexity and localization

Medication blockade is the injection of medicines directly into the problem zone (target). This technique allows for acute inflammation and injuries of the spine and joints to relieve pain and spasm.


Kinesiotherapy is a method that allows the patient to correct abnormal habits of the body, which results in joint deformities and protrusions.  Doctor forms new, correct habits by tapes applications that are superimposed on various parts of the body. Kinesiotherapy consists of the course of treatment. At each stage, blocks from hyperactive muscles are gradually removed and weak muscles are activated to restore the natural moving activity of the spine and joints.

Physiological rehabilitation based on using of vertebrological simulators. This technique is common throughout the world like rather effective in combination with other physiotherapeutic procedures and massages. It guarantees the spinal restoration for a long time.


Restoration of moving activity in the joints after prolonged immobilization, surgical interventions of the musculoskeletal system with contractures of joints and tendons (restriction of moving activity), inflammatory diseases, and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • The vertebrology of the Healthy and Happy Medical Center is:
  • Highly qualified doctors: orthopedists, traumatologists, vertebrologists, neurologists, and others, as well as the opportunity to get additional advice from specialized doctors;
  • everything necessary to provide accurate and timely diagnostics by expert class equipment;
  • the use of modern leading methods of treatment and rehabilitation aimed at restoring mobility and relieving pain, including the patented kinesiotaping technique.
  • the result of treatment can be obtained after the first session;
  • our doctors are working to eliminate the cause, not just the problem consequences;
  • the integrated approach and a variety of techniques help to guarantee the long-term effect of treatment.

Appointments with doctors are available by +38 044 501 02 03


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Prices and special offers

Blockades (epidural, paravertebral,nerve block)362,00
Electrical myostimulation200,00
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy session (5-10 min.)400,00
Hip joint redressing (20 min.)500,00
Limb’s joints movable rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method300,00
Manual therapy (gentle technique) (1 session)472,00
Neurology consultation (adults)610,00
Radiography of limb bones (1 projection)456,00
Therapeutic back massage (25 min.)400,00
Traumatology consultation (adults)610,00


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