How to help hard-working kidneys and other organs of urinary system, what to do during kidney stone disease, how can members of the fair sex cure cystitis and man forget about prostatitis or get prostate adenoma under control? Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center specialists will give competent answers to all questions regarding the work of urinary and urogenital systems. If a problem implies surgical intervention, urologists of One-day surgery unit will fulfill all necessary procedures as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible.

Bergman’s operation (hydrocele)7000,00
Doppler sonography of brain vessels397,00
Drugs instillation207,00
Kidney ultrasound319,00
Men’ cystoscopy3400,00
Men’ urethroscopy1500,00
Penile synechia removal864,00
Penile ultrasound294,00
Posthioplasty in phimosis6000,00
Prostata gland massage207,00
Prostate fluid collection for examination214,00
Radio-wave removal of urethral polyps in men2592,00
Scrotal ultrasound372,00
Short frenulum operation in men2304,00
Spermatic cord cyst excision4570,00
Transabdominal prostate ultrasound413,00
Transrectal prostate ultrasound461,00
Urethra sampling for examination63,00
Urethral bougienage207,00
Women’ cystoscopy3000,00