Therapy and family medicine


The family doctor is a general practitioner who can be contacted for any question regarding patient’s health. The family doctor main tasks are not only to diagnose correctly and to prescribe effective treatment of acute and chronic diseases, but to maintain the patient’s health within preventive measures as well to identify diseases in the early stages. Family doctors elaborates individual plans for medical examinations and use all modern diagnostic methods available at the Healthy & Happy medical center for these purposes.

When to consult a family doctor?

You should contact your family doctor if you have any questions related to your health condition, namely when:

  • acute respiratory infections;
  • cardiovascular diseases (heart rhythm disturbance, shortness of breath, etc.);
  • neurological diseases (headache, migraines, high or low blood pressure, pain in the neck, back, lower back);
  • problems of the endocrine system (dry skin, hair loss, cycle disorders in women, etc.);
  • poisoning and any disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • general fatigue, weakness;
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases.

In addition, it is important to visit a family doctor for the purpose of prevention and early detection of diseases, including cancer.

Consultation of the family doctor HEALTHY AND HAPPY

In many cases, a family doctor can provide quality advice and treat the most common therapeutic diseases, as well as gastroenterological, dermatological, cardiological and other ones.

During the consultation, the family doctor:

  • collects information on current health status;
  • conducts a medical examination;
  • observes complaints and reviews the medical history;
  • if necessary, appoints additional diagnostics methods (laboratory and instrumental);
  • determines the preliminary diagnosis and discusses an individual treatment plan;
  • if necessary, directs patient to a consultation with narrow-profile specialists;
  • elaborates an individual plan of medical examinations taking into account age, genetic predisposition and other risk factors;
  • informs about prevention methods, including recommendations on lifestyle changes, diet, etc. for the purpose to avoid diseases.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, during a consultation with the family doctor, you can get:

  • prescription for the medicines, including within Governance Affordable Medicines Program;
  • the medical certificates of health status for access to the different institutions (for example, a pool);
  • the sick list that certificates temporary disability by special procedure.


In the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, you can get a complete immunization according to the vaccination calendar developed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. As well, our doctors will elaborate an individual schedule of vaccinations and proceed them in accordance with all the rules. We use only quality vaccines from trusted manufacturers. Before vaccination, the family doctor will conduct a full medical examination, as well as will inform about possible reactions and complications for the post-vaccination period.

Diagnostics at the HEALTHY AND HAPPY Medical Center

To diagnose in time within high-quality diagnostics at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, patients are provided with modern laboratory and instrumental diagnostics methods.

By prescription of the family doctor, you can get:

  • Ultrasound of all organs, including dopplerography of blood vessels using an ultrasound machine of an expert class by Toshiba;
  • electrocardiography, including with a load;
  • radiography using low-dose equipment from leading manufacturers (Italy, Korea);
  • mammography;
  • electroencephalography;
  • daily monitoring of blood pressure and ECG;
  • audiometry;
  • all types of laboratory diagnostics.
Amplipulse (smc)108,00
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity determination75,00
Blockades (epidural, paravertebral,nerve block)288,00
Blood glucose content determination (fasting)72,00
Chest X-ray (1 projection)328,00
Chest X-ray (2 projections)437,00
Cholesterin content determination59,00
Cito test for the determination of Group A Streptococcal antigens150,00
Cito test for the determination of influenza A and B virus antigens372,00
Cito test for the determination of Rotavirus antigen (feces)150,00
Common urine analysis126,00
Culture sputum + antibiotic susceptibility testing333,00
Diadynamic therapy (DDT)108,00
Family doctor consultation (adults)490,00
General sputum analysis227,00
Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase activity determination (ALT)75,00
Iron content determination71,00
Lipid panel354,00
Lumbar spine therapeutic massage (10 min.)190,00
Magnetic therapy (1 session)108,00
Medical massage for lower extremities (20 min.)299,00
Medical massage for lower extremity (15 min.)190,00
Repeated consultation of family doctor (adults)390,00
Repeated consultation of therapist (adults)390,00
Standard 12 Lead ECG including interpretation153,00
Stool ova & parasites test126,00
Therapeutic back massage (25 min.)317,00
Therapeutic massage of neck and collar area (15 min.)190,00
Therapeutic massage of thoracocervical spine (20 min.)262,00
Therapy consultation (adults)490,00
Total iron binding capacity of blood serum197,00
Tuberculosis – quantiferon test2656,00
Ultrasound therapy (1 session)108,00
Сomplete blood count146,00