Surgery Healthy and Happy in Kiev:

  • radio-wave excision of skin formation;

  • cleaning of wounds and suturing;

  • puncture of the nail plate;

  • treatment for burns.

Surgerist`s consultation

630 UAH


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Some diseases and pathologies cannot be treated without surgery. Surgical treatment may require acute conditions, the consequences of chronic diseases and injuries, or congenital pathologies. The quality of the operation and the speed of recovery after surgery depends on how timely the problem was detected, the doctor’s surgical experience and the methods of surgical treatment.

When you need a consultation with a surgeon?

Consultation with a surgeon is necessary if the following conditions or diseases are:

  • benign neoplasms (lipomas, fibromas, keratopapilomas) appeared on the body;
  • with acute inflammatory processes on the skin and soft tissues (purulent-necrotic skin inflammation: carbuncles, boils, hydradenitis, suppuration, hematomas);
  • with inflammatory processes of the upper and lower limbs (panaritiums on the fingers, ingrown nails);
  • with a planned operation, or existing acute conditions requiring surgical intervention (umbilical and inguinal hernia, appendicitis, other minor surgery).


The following symptoms may signal the necessity to visit a surgeon:

  • intense pain in any area, especially if it is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, nausea, vomiting;
  • the appearance of hematomas, edema, discoloration of the skin etc.

Using modern methods of surgical treatment in the Healthy&Happy medical chain, experienced surgeons will provide:

  • removal of benign skin and soft tissue formations;
  • excision of purulent-necrotic skin inflammations and surgical treatment of an infected wound;
  • excision of panaritium on the fingers, removal of ingrown nails;
  • removal of the tick with further laboratory diagnostics;
  • dressing of wounds of various categories complexity;
  • other minor surgery operations.

Сonsultation of the surgeon

A surgeon’s consultation is necessary not only in cases where surgical treatment is inevitable. Experienced surgeons of the Healthy&Happy medical chain will provide detailed diagnostics and thoroughly select treatment methods:

  • medication without surgery;
  • minimally invasive (minimal surgical intervention) methods of treatment, including in acute conditions;
  • elective surgery.

Consultation with a surgeon consists of the following steps:

  • collection of complaints and study of medical history;
  • visual examination and palpation of problem areas (skin and abscess);
  • preliminary diagnose and surgical methods individual selection and/or recommendations for the sutures, drains removal etc.;
  • prescribing medication or surgical treatment;
  • if necessary, elaborating the plan for control after minor surgery, developing an individual plan for postoperative care.

If necessary, during the consultation, the doctor can prescribe additional instrumental and laboratory diagnostic methods, and also recommend getting consultations from related specialists: dermatovenerologist, gastroenterologist, proctologist, urologist, vascular surgeon, oncologist.

Highly qualified surgeons of the Healthy&Happy medical chains use the leading methods of surgical interventions aimed at treatment with minimally invasive (minimally traumatic) methods that reduce the negative consequences for the patient’s health and will significantly shorten the recovery period and return to a full life after surgery.


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Prices and special offers

Operations of the 1st category (small abscesses, carbuncles,furunculus, hydradenitis, panaris, ingrown nails and other minor surgery)1663,00
Operations of the 4th category (coccygeal fistula ectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, exomphalos and bubonocele, anal fissure ectomy, paraproctitis oncotomy and perianal fistula removal, appendectomy)9504,00
Radio-wave excision of the 1st category of skin formation936,00
Removal of benign skin and soft tissue formations (lipomas, fibromas, acanthoma verrucosum)2484,00
Repeated consultation of surgeon (adults)560,00
Surgery consultation (adults)630,00


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