Sports medicine

Sports medicine methods for the movement restoring and physical rehabilitation are necessary not only for athletes. Complexes of rehabilitation measures are used after injuries and surgery invasion, as well as in the case of chronic diseases worsening in neurology, orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, and dentistry.
The main task of physical rehabilitation is the restoration of movements by correcting the muscle corset's correct functioning, namely muscle stretching, and correction of the biomechanics of the movement. Using various methods to affect muscle groups (reflex arc) during a long period of time we have resulted that the body had "produced" new functional habits, as well blocks had been removed from problem areas.
Patients can require physical rehabilitation and treatment if they have:
  • the pain in the joints, back, neck;
  • limited movements (the arm does not reach the end, the elbow does not bend, etc.);
  • the pain caused by sprains or injuries;
  • problems after surgery, even with fresh sutures;
  • exercise the heavy load on certain muscles and joints, have professional injuries.
Methods of physical rehabilitation and movements restoration use:
  • in traumatology and surgical orthopedics: the restoration of joints and muscles functions after injuries and surgical treatment, as well as after removing immobilization dressings;
  • in orthopedics: correction of such pathologies as scoliosis, clubfoot, flat feet, as well elimination of the knee joints pain causes;
  • in neurology: treatment of intervertebral hernias, protrusions etc;
  • in gynecology during pregnancy, when changes in the muscle corset have occurred and the load on the joints increased: the correction of  posture, prevention of the straight abdominal muscles diastasis and prevention of the spine or joints pain;
  • in dentistry: rehabilitation methods are used as an addition to orthodontic treatment to accelerate recovery and to correct the basic treatment plan. Also used as the core therapy after "unsuccessful" orthodontic treatment to correct the central jaw occlusion.
Physical & Rehabilitation Treatment at Healthy&Happy
Healthy & Happy Medical Center uses the patented method of treatment and recovery of physical activity. It includes a whole range of therapeutic measures, namely:
● muscle-fascial correction: restoration of the functional work of muscles;
● drainage of enthesitis: treatment of the places where the tendon is attached to the bone;
● kinesiotherapy: taping the problem areas to change moving skills.
Muscular-fascial correction
Pain and discomfort in the body dictate new rules for the muscles functioning of that are been adapting to new conditions. In some places they shorten, in others, they stretch to compensate for the distortions and incorrect positions of the vertebrae joints. The main task of muscular-fascial correction is to change the "rules" of the muscular system functioning.
The changes in the muscle activity rules can occur due to the effect on the soft tissues that regulate the muscles work in the places of their attachment.
Muscle-fascial correction is needed for persons with:
  • chronic pain syndromes in the joints, spine and the like;
  • prolonged immobilization, as well as after surgical treatment of joints, spine;
  • deformations of the musculoskeletal system (including certain congenital pathologies, for example, torticollis in children).
Kinesiotherapy is aimed at changing moving skills with the help of tapes - special applications in problem areas. Fixing with tapes performs once every 1-2 weeks, depending on how the body has accumulated a “new” habit in order to consolidate the new reflex.
A feature of all rehabilitation methods is the absence of contraindications (the exceptions may be determined only by objective examination).
Often, the complex of treatment includes periarticular medication. The duration of the treatment course has to be prescribed by the doctor.
Doctor consultation and treatment plan
A feature of physical rehabilitation medicine is that it does not affect the symptoms of the disease but on the cause. Therefore, during the consultation, the doctor should not only identify pathologies and weak muscles but also define the causes of the problems and develop a course of treatment to eliminate them.
During the consultation, the doctor:
  • will conduct an examination of the muscle corset and tendons;
  • will collect an anamnesis;
  • will conduct muscle testing and determine biomechanical disorders;
  • will discuss the treatment plan;
  • will advise the daily routine and lifestyle correcting measures.
Sometimes MRI, X-ray, CT, and ultrasound diagnostics are prescribed additionally to exclude concomitant diseases or pathologies.
After the diagnosis, the doctor will develop an individual plan of measures that will be aimed at changing the muscles functional work systematically and instilling new moving skills. The complex needs to be adjusted each time during dynamic observation and by assessing muscle responses to treatment and changes in their work.
Intervertebral joints enthesis drainage200,00
Intervertebral joints enthesis drainage by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.300,00
Intervertebral joints movable and postural rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method400,00
Intervertebral joints movable and postural rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Methodby Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.500,00
Joint enthesis drainage100,00
Joint enthesis drainage by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.200,00
Limb’s joints movable rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method300,00
Limb’s joints movable rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.400,00
Muscle-fascial limbs’ alignment (for medical reasons) by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.600,00
Muscle-fascial limbs’ alignment(for medical reasons)400,00
Muscle-fascial trunk’s alignment600,00
Muscle-fascial trunk’s alignment by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.800,00
Para-articular Injections286,00
Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I. consultation1000,00
Sports medicine doctor’s consultation800,00