Psychiatrist deals with mental disorders, their prevention and treatment, helps mentally disturbed people, as well as healthy people for the purpose of prevention of serious disorders. Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center renders medical assistance when there is a suspicion of such diseases as schizophrenia, paranoid personality disorders, depression, bulimia, anorexia, drug addiction, barrel fever (professional term – delirium tremens), senile dementia, addiction disorder, phobias.

Analytical therapy session (individual psychoanalysis) (up to 60 minutes)1500,00
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity determination75,00
Blood creatinine content determination75,00
Blood glucose content determination (fasting)72,00
Cervical vessels doppler sonography397,00
Chloride content determination122,00
Cholesterin content determination59,00
Cognitive-behavioral therapy session (up to 60 minutes)1500,00
Doppler sonography of brain vessels397,00
Electroencephalography (EEG)636,00
Family psychiatric educational program (50 minutes)1500,00
Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase activity determination (ALT)75,00
Homocysteine content determination529,00
Hypnotherapy session (up to 40 minutes)1200,00
Lipid panel354,00
Magnesium content determination79,00
Potassium content determination79,00
Protein fractions content determination187,00
Psychotherapy consultation (adults) (90 minutes)2600,00
Scheduled medical monitoring (up to 15 min)500,00
Sodium content determination79,00
Standard 12 Lead ECG including interpretation153,00
Сomplete blood count146,00