therapy session Matiukha O.
1500 UAH

Doctor will help you:

  • panic attacks;

  • personality disorders;

  • insomnia;

  • bipolar disorder;

  • pain syndrome;

  • anxiety states;

  • behavioral disorders;

  • anxiety-phobic disorders.

Psychiatrists / psychotherapists consultation

1200 UAH


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Medical center
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    Kyiv, Ukraine

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It is difficult to imagine a modern human who never experienced stress in his life, didn’t suffer from loss (more often a loved one), was not in the serious mental conditions, didn’t feel anxiety or apathy, didn’t fall into the depression. All these states, unfortunately, do not pass by themselves. Just as physical trauma or pneumonia requires the attention of a doctor-specialist, so mental disorders require the intervention of a qualified doctor. All these conditions are diseases, and just like any disease, they need to be correctly diagnosed and prescription of adequate treatment. It is extremely dangerous to leave patients unattended or to hope that the person can be treated by their own.

A specialist who will help to deal with the causes of mental disorders and difficult mental conditions, as well as prescribe treatment to facilitate well-being and restore the quality of life is a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. It is necessary to realize that not a medical psychologist has no medical education and plays the role of a guide through life for a healthy person. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists have specialized knowledge of the physiology of the causes that can affect depression or anxiety and work comprehensively to eliminate them by various methods of treatment, including medication.

At Healthy&Happy Medical Center, qualified psychiatrists and psychotherapists will help with the following disorders and diseases:

  • panic attacks;
  • personality disorders;
  • insomnia;
  • bipolar disorder;
  • pain syndrome;
  • anxiety states;
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (reaction to severe stress);
  • behavioral disorders;
  • anxiety-phobic disorders, etc.

This is an incomplete list of all diseases and conditions that require the attention and control of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Our experts will help the patient to take disorders that are most often psychological in nature under control: bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder, overweight, and the like.


Symptoms indicating the necessity of a psychotherapist consultation:

  • a sharp change in mood;
  • frequent bouts of anger;
  • anxiety and apathy;
  • lack of confidence in yourself, in your own abilities;
  • dependence on the opinions of others;
  • a feeling of emptiness, fatigue;
  • obsessive desires to do some actions (play games, shopping, spy on others, etc.);
  • suicidal statuses.

Also, any disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, apathy, or conditions that disturb and discomfort for a long time (more than two weeks) are a reason to get the advice of a psychotherapist.

A psychotherapist will help if the patient has problems in relationships with relatives or loved ones, is experienced in a crisis in family relationships, or is nervous before an important event that should change his life (moving, changing jobs, divorce, etc.).


Any mental disease and/or disorder is a complex problem. To identify its reasons, assess the severity of the course, and prescribe adequate treatment during the consultation, the psychotherapist will conduct therapeutic psychodiagnostic.

During psychodiagnostic, the psychotherapist applies testing methods, after which he processes and interprets the results, according to which the patient’s psychological diagnosis is fixed and the treatment tactics are selected.

Psychodiagnostics allows us to determine the structure and changes in mental functions, such as impaired memory, attention, thinking, emotional-volitional sphere, and also explores personal characteristics. Psychodiagnostics are also used to assess the impact of rehabilitation measures during therapy.

Thus, psychodiagnostic is aimed at:

  • treatment program development;
  • treatment correction.

Psychodiagnostics does not require any preliminary preparation. However, to obtain more accurate data, it is necessary to make sure that the patient understands the task correctly, and that the patient remains calm and not distracted by anything.


Treatment of psychological problems consists of a number of complex measures, which include both correction of behavior, nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as psychotherapy (individual and group), medication, and physiotherapy.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, our specialists use modern methods of treating psychiatric diseases and psychological disorders, namely:

  • individual, family and group psychotherapy;
  • individual psychoanalysis;
  • rational nutrition programs;
  • body-oriented psychotherapy (BOP);
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Treatment plan development and combining different treating methods is the main task of the psychotherapist.

Body-oriented psychotherapy (BOP) is a way to get rid of emotional distress through interaction with the body using special exercises. The main task of therapy is to alleviate the status of the mind through the weakening of body tight and tension. In addition, immersion into the patient’s inner world, the techniques help to elaborate effective ways to influence the body.

It is advisable to carry out BOP when:

  • physical tension, constant fatigue;
  • self-doubt, low self-esteem;
  • crisis in relationships;
  • crisis situations – shock injuries;
  • new beginnings and changes in life;
  • adaptation;
  • dependent relationship;
  • stress, depression, anxiety;
  • distrust of people, closeness;
  • hypercontrol;
  • emotional burnout.

Most often, BOP is prescribed when traditional treatment methods are ineffective and do not cause relief.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive, painless technique that is used to stimulate the brain and spinal cord structures and nerves. Stimulation is aimed at changing the functional status of structures, which are targeted by a magnetic field.

TMS is prescribed for the following symptoms:

  • frequent headaches;
  • panic attacks;
  • depressive conditions;
  • increased excitability;
  • impaired blood circulation in the brain or spinal cord;
  • as rehabilitation after trauma;
  • diseases of the facial nerve;
  • problems with sleep;
  • memory problems.

The method is used with caution if in anamnesis are:

  • epilepsy and/or seizure syndrome;
  • medication within antipsychotics and tricyclic antidepressants;
  • brain damage of various origins;
  • recent stroke;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • severe headache;
  • pregnancy or if the woman is lactating;
  •  recently suffered a heart attack.

Absolute contraindications for TMS are:

  • any implants (defibrillator, pacemaker, eye implants, deep brain stimulators, implanted insulin pumps, etc.);
  • inserted metal objects in the head area or near the stimulation area (fragments, bullets, etc.).


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Cervical vessels doppler sonography457,00
Doppler sonography of brain vessels457,00
Electroencephalography (EEG)636,00
Psychiatrist/ Psychotherapist’s consultation Malimon R.1200,00
Psychodiagnostic (up to 90 min)1800,00
Psychotherapy consultation (adults) (90 minutes)2600,00
Reflexotherapy of 1st category session (90 min.)350,00
Repeated consultation of Psychotherapist (adults) (30 minutes)800,00


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