We use modern methods of posture correction and spine straightening for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis:

  • posture correction by kinesiotaping technique;

  • training on the simulator for the correction of musculoskeletal problems;

  • therapeutic massage;

  • physiotherapy procedures;

  • therapeutic gymnastics.

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Scoliosis treatment

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Scoliosis is a disease of the spine, which is characterized by changes in its axis and structural changes in the tissues that result from it. All this leads to the deformation of the vertebrae.

Due to the deformation of the vertebral tissues, the spine is curved in one direction along the vertical axis, which not only negatively affects the posture, but can also cause pain in the back and negatively affects the work of internal organs.


Scoliosis is a complex disease that can occur at any age but usually develops in childhood. It affects about 2% of people on Earth and requires a comprehensive approach to treatment, often using surgery, as structural changes in tissues are irreversible.

Symptoms of scoliosis are:

  • the curvature of the spine, noticeable on visual inspection;
  • the skew of the pelvic bones
  • location of shoulders and shoulders at different heights;
  • asymmetrical bends in the waist area;
  • protrusion of ribs on one side;
  • change in the shape of the chest.

Scoliosis is often mistakenly mixed up with spine conditions that precede it, namely kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliotic posture – curvature of the spine in different departments. Such spine curvatures occur without structural tissue changes. They most often occur due to injuries, prolonged stay in the wrong position during sedentary work, children studying, with intense and uneven physical activity. Scoliotic posture can also occur due to a weak muscular corset.

The symptoms of scoliotic posture are the same as in scoliosis, but they disappear if the patient straightens his back. With scoliosis, it is impossible.

Functional curvature of the spine is well corrected by various methods and does not require surgical treatment.

Treatment of scoliosis and scoliotic posture

To correct scoliotic posture, it is necessary to work not with the spine itself, but with the adjacent muscles. The task of the muscular corset is to keep the spine in an upright position, and if some muscles are tense and some are too relaxed – they stop performing their function well and cause spine curvature.

In the Healthy&Happy medical network we use modern methods of posture correction and spine straightening for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis:

  • therapeutic gymnastics;
  • training on simulators;
  • manual correction of the spine;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • reflexology, acupuncture.

Each of these procedures performs its task to relieve tension in tense muscles and activate hypotonic muscle groups. All these activities are provided in a complex, the program is developed individually for each patient. The posture correction and scoliosis treatment program usually consists of several stages and can last several months.


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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy session (5-10 min.)400,00
Limb’s joints movable rehabilitation by Kinesio Taping Method300,00
Radiography of one spine region with functional test (4 images)744,00
Redressing of the shoulder joint and scapula (20 min.)500,00
Repeated consultation of traumatologist (adults)560,00
Sports medicine doctor’s consultation800,00
Traumatology consultation (adults)610,00


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