Orthopedics and traumatic surgery


An orthopedist-traumatologist is a doctor aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the musculoskeletal system pathologies and diseases. Such pathologies can be both congenital and be a result of injuries, incorrect motor habits, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Timely diagnosis of diseases and pathologies in the early stages play an important role in the effectiveness of treatment. It is important to identify congenital and developmental pathologies of children from the first days of life and implement corrective therapeutic measures. For adults is extremely important not to hesitate and get a consultation with an orthopedist-traumatologist if the first symptoms appear.

When you need a consultation with an orthopedic traumatologist?

An orthopedic consultation needs to be appointed if the following symptoms are:

  • pain and swelling caused by trauma;
  • impaired joint mobility;
  • crunching in the limbs or neck;
  • deformities in the limbs or in the chest area;
  • the skin color at the site of injury has changed;
  • pain in the neck, spine, as well as in muscle tissues, joints, bones.

The experienced orthopedic-traumatologists at MC Healthy & Happy will advise and prescribe treatment if you have been diagnosed with the following diseases:

  • arthritis and polyarthritis;
  • epicondylitis (“tennis elbow”);
  • tendonitis (inflammation and sprain of the ligaments);
  • ligamentitis, tenosynovitis (sharp pain in the area of the thumb or wrist with significant physical exertion, often accompanied by a crunch)trochanteritis (inflammation of the apex of the hip bone);
  • heel spur;
  • osteoarthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, capsulitis and other joint injuries;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • post-traumatic injury (myositis, synovitis).

MC Healthy&Happy will provide qualified medical care if the following occurred:

  • joint injuries;
  • sprains of ligaments and muscles;
  • dislocations of large and small joints;
  • damage to the ligaments of the knee joint;
  • fractures.

You can entrust us with the diagnosis and early detection, as well as the appointment of corrective therapeutic measures for such children's pathologies as:

  • dysplasia of the hip joints;
  • clubfoot;
  • flat feet;
  • scoliosis.

Diagnostics in the Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedic-traumatologists of the Healthy&Happy Clinic are highly mastered in all modern diagnostics and treatment methods of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

During the consultation to preliminary diagnose, our doctors:

  • will collect the complaints and analyze of medical history;
  • will provide review and palpation of problem areas and zones;
  • will provide diagnostic functional tests.

To confirm and clarify the diagnosis, if necessary, additional diagnostic examinations can be prescribed by doctors:

  • an ultrasound test of joints and soft tissues;
  • X-ray of the osteoarticular system;
  • laboratory test - general clinical and biochemical research;
  • additional consultations of related specialists: neuropathologist, rheumatologist, surgeon, and others.

To provide diagnostic tests, Healthy & Happy clinic uses modern expert-class equipment:

  • ultrasound scanner (Toshiba, Japan);
  • low-dose X-ray equipment (Italy, Korea).

Based on the results of the diagnostic data obtained, the orthopedic-traumatologist will conclude recommendations and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Treatment at the MC Healthy&Happy

Treatment of musculoskeletal system pathologies and injuries requires a complex approach. At MC Healthy&Happy orthopedic-traumatologists use various modern methods of orthopedic disease treating, namely: medication, physiotherapy (massages), medical manipulations, or, if necessary, surgical treatment.

The treatment methods used by orthopedic traumatologists at the MC Health&Happy:

  • conservative treatment or medication;
  • physiotherapy.

Injection treatment methods include not only medicines treatment, but also plasmolifting. Plasmolifting is a globally recognized method for treating joints and spine, which is an alternative to surgical invasions. The method is used to treat deformities, inflammations, degenerative and dystrophic changes that can be resulted in pain and limited movement.

Physiotherapy procedures include various methods and are aimed at restoring movements in the joints of the limbs, intervertebral joints, as well as for correcting posture after injuries and inflammations.

Among physiotherapeutic procedures, we use:

  • laser therapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • diadynamic therapy (DDT);
  • electrophoresis;
  • phonophoresis (ultrasound);
  • shock wave therapy;
  • therapeutic massages (upper and lower extremities, lumbar spine, back and cervicothoracic spine, cervical collar zone);
  • kinesiotaping;
  • muscle-fascial correction of the muscles of the limbs, spine, and body;
  • drainage of the joint, intervertebral joints entheses.

In the MC Healthy&Happy, we provide the most demanded medical procedures by the orthopedist-traumatologist prescription, including:

  • reposition of fractures;
  • elimination of small and large joints dislocations;
  • immobilization of bones and joints (adhesive tape, softcast);
  • therapeutic blockades;
  • intra-articular and para-articular medicines injection;
  • puncture of the joint, bursitis, hematomas.
Amplipulse (smc)108,00
Antistreptolysin-О content determination (semi-quantitative)120,00
C-reactive protein content determination (semi-quantitative)252,00
Chest X-ray (1 projection)328,00
Diadynamic therapy (DDT)108,00
Foot or fingers combined immobilization (plaster+soft cast)1034,00
Foot or fingers plaster immobilization861,00
Foot X-ray (2 projections)377,00
Foot X-ray (3 projections)391,00
Forcible deformity reduction of hand and foot small joints268,00
Forcible deformity reduction of large joints728,00
Fracture setting of the 1st category of complexity574,00
Hip joints X-ray (1 projection)461,00
Immobilization unbandage (polymer or plaster) of the 1st category of complexity174,00
Immobilization unbandage (polymer or plaster) of the 2nd category of complexity319,00
Immobilization unbandage (polymer or plaster) of the 3rd category of complexity363,00
Intra-Articular Injections522,00
Knee-joint arthroscopy of the 1st category of complexity9400,00
Laser therapy (traumatology) (1 session)108,00
Lumbar spine therapeutic massage (10 min.)190,00
Medical massage for lower extremities (20 min.)299,00
Medical massage for upper extremities (20 min.)262,00
PRP therapy (traumatology) 1 session700,00
Radiography of bones and joints of the upper limb (1 projection)377,00
Radiography of bones and joints of the upper limb (2 projections)456,00
Radiography of limb bones (1 projection)377,00
Radiography of limb bones (2 projections)456,00
Radiography of lumbosacral joints (2 projections)377,00
Radiography of one joint (1 projection)330,00
Radiography of one joint (2 projections)357,00
Radiography of one joint (3 projections)391,00
Radiography of one spine region with functional test (3 images)509,00
Repeated consultation of traumatologist (adults)390,00
Retention bandage dressing of the1st category of complexity288,00
Rheumatoid factor determination (semi-quantitative)120,00
Skull X-ray (1 projection)377,00
Skull X-ray (2 projections)461,00
Soft tissue ultrasound305,00
Therapeutic back massage (25 min.)317,00
Therapeutic massage of neck and collar area (15 min.)190,00
Therapeutic massage of thoracocervical spine (20 min.)262,00
Traumatological operations of the 1st category1663,00
Traumatological operations of the 2nd category2916,00
Traumatological operations of the 3rdcategory4344,00
Traumatological operations of the 4th category5472,00
Traumatological operations of the 5th category7694,00
Traumatology consultation (adults)490,00
Ultrasound of one joint305,00
Uric acid content determination75,00
Wound toilet dressing331,00
Wrist X-ray (2 projections)377,00
Wrist X-ray (3 projections)391,00
Сomplete blood count146,00