You need to visit your ophthalmologist if the following symptoms are:

  • red eyes, dryness or tearing;

  • eyeburn, pain and itching of the eyes;

  • deterioration in visual acuity;

  • contrast disorder;

  • inserted bodies in the eye.

Ophthalmologist consultation

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We perceive 90% of the information coming from the outside world by our vision organs. If vision deteriorates or any other problems with the eyes occur, this affects not only well-being but also the quality of life. Visual impairment can progress as the results of abnormal lifestyle or infection, as well as genetic factors. In any case, it is important to pay attention to eye health, regularly check vision for the purpose of ophthalmic disease prevention and early detection.  In-time appointment with the ophthalmologist will help with possible problems with vision and eyes.

When to contact an ophthalmologist

An ophthalmologist must be consulted following symptoms are:

  • redness of the eyes, a feeling of dryness or lacrimation;
  • burning, pain and itching in the eyes;
  • swelling of the eyelids,
  • deterioration in visual acuity;
  • fog before the eyes;
  • violation of contrast;
  • photophobia;
  • lightning and/or dots in the eyes;
  • loss of vision;
  • inserted bodies in the eye.

The ophthalmologist will quickly provide an examination with special equipment and will determine the cause of the problem and prescribe appropriate treatment.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, experienced ophthalmologists successfully treat the following ophthalmic inflammatory diseases of the anterior segment of the eye:

  • barley;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • blepharitis;
  • inflammation of the choroid (uveitis).


Ophthalmologists of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center exam and prescribe preventive and corrective measures for following diseases and conditions of the vision organs:

  • cataracts;
  • glaucoma;
  • hyperopia;
  • myopia.

In addition, you can contact the ophthalmologist at Healthy&Happy Medical Center:

  • when the inserted body placed in the eye;
  • for preventive examination during pregnancy;
  • for routine preventive examinations;
  • for other chronic diseases that provoke a deterioration in the vision organs functioning (diabetes, hypertension, etc.);
  • for chronic diseases of the vision organs to prevent worsening or further development.

Ophthalmologist consultation at Healthy&Happy Medical Center


During the consultation, the ophthalmologist will collect an anamnesis and complaints of the patient, carefully study the disease history and previous treatment:

  • determines the cause of pathologies of vision;
  • picks up glasses or contact lenses;
  • prescribes conservative treatment, surgical treatment or additional examination;
  • provides advice on lifestyle changes.

Each consultation of the ophthalmologist consists of a comprehensive review by ophthalmological equipment aimed at determining visual acuity, fundus status (ophthalmoscopy), the examination of the structures of the eye, and its optical environment (slit lamp review – biomicroscopy). If necessary, the doctor may prescribe additional diagnostics methods, a list of which is selected individually for each patient, based on his symptoms and anamnesis.


The success of the treatment of any ophthalmic disease based on accurate diagnosis and determination of the disease causes.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, modern equipment is used to diagnose visual acuity disorders and identify the ophthalmic diseases causes.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, we provide the following diagnostic procedures:


This is a method that allows us to identify abnormalities in the structure of the eye tissues, namely to detect atrophy or damage to the optic nerve, to identify stretching or detachment of the retina, inflammation, and vascular changes in the retina. In addition, the ophthalmologist can detect signs of concomitant diseases: diabetes, malignant neoplasms, and hypertension by special tests. At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, we use the modern direct beta-200 Heine ophthalmoscope, which gives a clear image of the fundus with adequate lighting, which eliminates reflex eye closure and changes in pupil diameter (this improves the accuracy of the fundus examination).


Biomicroscopy – the method aimed at diagnosing diseases of the anterior segment of the eyeball. During diagnosis, inflammatory diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea can be detected. The ophthalmologists at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center use a SHIN NIPPON slit lamp.

Computer Autokeratorefractometry

This is a diagnosis of the eye refractive power (refraction), which allows you to measure the radius of curvature and the diameter of the cornea in order to detect refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). Autokeratorefractometry is performed using a Huvitz HRK-7000A apparatus.

Intraocular pressure measurement

This study of intraocular pressure are recommended for people whose work is associated with long-term visual stress. At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, intraocular pressure is measured non-contact using an HNT-7000 Huvitz pneumotonometer.

Computer perimetry

Used to determine the field of view and check the threshold sensitivity of the retina. It is prescribed if the patient is diagnosed with glaucoma, optic nerve diseases (neuritis, trauma, ischemia), retinal pathology (dystrophy, hemorrhage, detachment), amblyopia, cerebrovascular accident. Perimetry is performed by the modern Twinfield II Oculus device.

In addition to instrumental diagnostics in ophthalmological practice, laboratory tests are used (e.g. bacterial inoculation of material from the eye and determination of sensitivity to antibiotics).

By ophthalmologist recommendation, each patient at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center can receive additional consultations from related specialists: the neurologist, dermatovenerologist, endocrinologist, allergist, cardiologist, etc.

Medical manipulations

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, following the ophthalmologist’s prescription, you can get the following medical procedures:

  • eyelid massage;
  • injection of medicines into halazion (without the cost of drugs);
  • removal of the inserted body from the cornea;
  • removal of the inserted body from the conjunctiva;
  • parabulbar injection.


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Auto Kerato-Refractometry (computer)262,00
Computer perimetry328,00
Ophthalmology consultation (adults)610,00
Ophthalmology consultation (children)610,00
Opthalmotonous pressure measurement (by pneumotonometer)191,00
Repeated consultation of ophthalmologist (adults)560,00
Trial Contact Lens Fittings177,00


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