Task of an ophthalmologist is to rectify visual deficiency, treat disorders of the eyeball, its appendages and surrounding tissues. To make this goal achievable, one should consult a doctor in case of the first signs of discomfort, inflammation or eye reddening, as well as visual impairment. One should remember that eye diseases can relate to other pathologies, among which there are diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension, thyroid diseases. Visit to Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center will help to take a comprehensive approach to a problem and avoid complications.

Auto Kerato-Refractometry (computer)262,00
Chalazion treatment injections (cost of medication is not included)385,00
Computer perimetry328,00
Conjunctival foreign body removal275,00
Corneal foreign body removal418,00
Culture eyes + antibiotic susceptibility testing307,00
Eyeglasses fitting128,00
Eyeglasses fitting162,00
Eyelid Massage187,00
Lacrimal canal intubation315,00
Ophthalmology consultation (adults) (eidoptometry, biomicroscopy, ophthalmoscopy)490,00
Opthalmotonous pressure measurement (by pneumotonometer)191,00
Parabulbarly Injections387,00
Repeated consultation of ophthalmologist (adults)390,00
Trial Contact Lens Fittings169,00