Healthy&Happy surgeons are confident that it is possible to overcome even such grave disease as cancer. The main thing is preventive examinations and timely visits to the doctors.


Specialists of Diagnostic and Treatment Center will help to get rid of the superficial benign skin and pudendum neoplasms in a professional and efficient manner. Owing to the One-day surgery, patients will be able to return to their normal way of life in a day at most.


To make sure that the process has positive changes, removed material is taken for histological study. If there is at least the slightest suspicion, a patient is immediately referred to the specialized facilities in order to start treatment as soon as possible.

Abdominal and urinary system ultrasound479,00
Abdominal ultrasound (complex)398,00
Alpha-fetoprotein determination227,00
Cancer antigen СА 15-3 determination (mammary gland)254,00
Cancer antigen СА-125 determination (ovaries)254,00
Carcino-embryonic antigen determination227,00
Cytologic examination of 1 mammary gland punctate395,00
Cytologic examination of both mammary glands punctate718,00
Cytologic examination of both nipples discharge520,00
Cytologic examination of one nipple discharge273,00
Cytologic examination of punctate (aspirate, skin scrape)460,00
Early cancer antigen determination НЕ-4 (ovaries)623,00
GIT tumor marker (Са 242)649,00
Mammary gland ultrasound381,00
Mammography of one mammary gland (two projections)380,00
Mammography of two mammary glands (two projections)667,00
Oncology consultation (adults)510,00
Pancreas and gallbladder tumor marker (Са 19-9)254,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 1st category of malignant vascular tumor792,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 2nd category of malignant vascular tumor936,00
Radio-wave coagulation of the 3rd category of malignant vascular tumor1224,00
Radio-wave excision of the 1st category of skin formation936,00
Radio-wave excision of the 2nd category of skin formation1080,00
Radio-wave excision of the 3rd category of skin formation1224,00
Repeated consultation of oncologist (adults)390,00
Stomach tumor marker (Са 72-4)679,00
Transabdominal pelvic ultrasound391,00
Transabdominal prostate ultrasound413,00
Transrectal prostate ultrasound461,00
Transvaginal pelvic ultrasound437,00
Сomplete blood count146,00