We offer a comprehensive approach in the treatment of neuralgia:

  • physical therapy (magnetic therapy);

  • paravertebral block;

  • kinesiotaping;

  • therapeutic massage.

Neurology consultation

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Neuralgia treatment. Sciatica

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Neuralgia is an infringement and inflammation of the nerve root, which can occur for various reasons and cause acute pain in the place of localization. Neuralgia can occur in different areas of the spine (cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine). The pain from neuralgia can be sharp or paroxysmal (shooting). With severe inflammation, if rest, the pain may decrease or disappear completely.


Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia causes acute pain in the area of the heart, can feel in the scapula, arm, or jaw. The main difference from cardiovascular system diseases, which can cause similar symptoms – is pain decreases or completely disappears in the supine position.

Intercostal neuralgia can occur due to:

  • age-related changes in the tissues of the spine, leading to degenerative changes;
  • rib injuries, including during intense sports;
  • long stay in an uncomfortable position (sedentary office work or a long stay “on your feet”);
  • metabolic disorders;
  • hypothermia and frequent colds;
  • sharp movements, lifting weights;
  • intense physical activity;
  • complications after viral infections.

Neuralgia is a common condition in older people, and also risk factors for its occurrence are diseases of the spine, intervertebral hernias, osteoporosis, abdominal pathologies.


Lumbar neuralgia, ischia, is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the human body. Sciatica at the initial stage of its development can result in back pain, and then, as inflammation develops, the pain can be given to the leg, causing discomfort when walking, bending over, lifting the legs. Sciatica is often accompanied by a feeling of numbness or tingling in the legs. In the supine position, the pain may increase or decrease, depending on the position of the body.

Sciatica can occur due to:

  • the presence of an intervertebral hernia;
  • instability of the vertebrae;
  • injuries;
  • complications after infectious and viral infections;
  • in case of oncological diseases;
  • arthritis and arthrosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • age-related structural changes in tissues;
  • pregnancy.

Neuralgia treatment

Neuralgia treatment is always a complex of measures, which include medication (to relieve pain), physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, massage, and lifestyle correction.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Network, we use the most advanced neuralgia treatment methods. Our specialists successfully treat both intercostal neuralgia and sciatica (sciatica) inflammation.

An important role in the successful treatment of neuralgia is played by its prevention, which includes appropriate physical activity, balanced nutrition, and taking vitamins to strengthen the immune system.


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Blockades (epidural, paravertebral,nerve block)362,00
Magnetic therapy (1 session)200,00
Manual therapy (gentle technique) (1 session)472,00
Muscle-fascial limbs’ alignment (for medical reasons) by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.600,00
Muscle-fascial limbs’ alignment(for medical reasons)400,00
Muscle-fascial trunk’s alignment600,00
Muscle-fascial trunk’s alignment by Sports medicine doctor’s (PhD) Oleksenko I.800,00
Neurology consultation (adults)610,00
Rehabilitation therapy within Huber device (30 min)400,00
Repeated consultation of neurologist (adults)560,00


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