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Department of Mammology at Healthy and Happy Medical Center:

  • breast ultrasound diagnostics;

  • mammography;

  • biopsy of breast neoplasms under ultrasound control;

  • laboratory diagnostics (cytological, histological, immunohistochemical studies);

  • outpatient and surgical treatment.

Mammology`s consultation

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About Branch

Women’s diseases are a very sensitive topic because not only the well-being but also the woman’s self-estimation and self-perception suffers from them. The most common diseases of the female breasts are mastitis, mastopathy, cysts, lipoma. Lactostasis may occur in women who are breastfeeding. Breast cancer is the third most common one in women. Diseases of the mammary glands can occur at any age and at any stage of the female body development. At the same time, most women answer: “Never” on the answer: “When was the last time you visited a mammologist?”.

Any diseases detected in the early stages results in fewer complications, and their treatment is faster. Diseases of the mammary glands are no exception. Therefore, it is important not to leave unpleasant symptoms unchecked, as well as visit a mammologist on time, and not self-treat.

When it is necessary to visit a mammologist?

A regular visit to a mammologist, periodic diagnostics by basic examination methods are the key to ensure women’s health and beauty. According to international protocols for diagnostics and treatment, every woman after 40 years, simultaneously with a mammologist’s consultation, should get mammography in order to detect breast cancer in an early stage.

In addition to preventive examinations, women should consult with a mammologist if the following symptoms are:


  • feeling of tension in the mammary gland and armpits;
  • any lumps and discharge from the nipples;
  • discoloration of the mammary glands’ skin, including redness (hyperemia);
  • change in the nipple (retraction, bulges, deformation);
  • asymmetry of the mammary glands.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, experienced mammologists will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for such breast diseases:

  • mastitis;
  • mastopathy;
  • mastodynia;
  • fibroadenoma of the mammary glands;
  • lactostasis;
  • galactorrhea;
  • fatty necrosis;
  • breast cyst;
  • breast cancer.

Men also can visit the Healthy&Happy mammologist. The reason for visiting a mammologist may be an increase in the male mammary glands. More often these are benign formations that are a consequence of gynecomastia. Benign breast enlargement in men is due to the peculiarities of hormonal activity, as well as of the certain medications. Gynecomastia can be a result of liver’s and kidneys’ diseases or of hormonally active tumors as well.

Usually, gynecomastia affects men over the age of 60 with increased levels of estrogen, and with a genetic predisposition to the disease, but also this disease develops in the age group up to 40 years.


Women under 40 years old need a preventive consultation with a mammologist once every 2-3 years, after 40 years – once a year.

Women of any age should visit the mammologist if there risk factors for the cancer is or:

  • genetic predisposition to oncological diseases, especially if a family history of breast cancer is diagnosed;
  • hormonal imbalance or long-term use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • the first menstruation began at 12 y.o.;
  • late onset of menopause;
  • frequent abortions;
  • first birth after 30 y.o.;
  • chronic gynecological diseases;
  • being in constant stress.

During the consultation, the mammologist of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center will:

  • collect the complaints and observe medical history;
  • overview with palpation of the mammary/breast glands;
  • conclude preliminary diagnose;
  • prescribe the laboratory tests (blood test for tumor markers, general, biochemical) and diagnostic techniques depending on age and previous diagnosis;
  • analyze the existing diagnostic conclusions: ultrasound of the mammary glands and soft tissues (lymph nodes under the arms), mammography;
  • prescribe treatment methods;
  • consult on disease prevention.

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe the patient consultation with interacted narrow specialists: endocrinologist, gynecologist, urologist, the oncologist.

Diagnostics and treatment

The “gold standard” of instrumental diagnostics for the early detection of breast cancer is mammography and ultrasound. These tests can be provided by the prescription of a doctor at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center. In some cases, CT or MRI may additionally be prescribed.

To identify the nature of tumors and detect the disease stage, cytological studies of tissue samples are taken using a puncture biopsy under the control of ultrasound at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center.

To detect a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, we perform tumor marker tests.

In breast disease treatment, doctors of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center use conservative and surgical methods of evidence-based medicine in accordance with the international standards.

If, as a treatment for an oncological neoplasm, complete removal of the mammary glands was performed, plastic surgery will be performed at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center to restore the physiological parameters of the mammary gland. It will positively affect the further rehabilitation of the patient.


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Prices and special offers

Cytologic examination of 1 mammary gland punctate436,00
Mammography of one mammary gland (two projections)460,00
Mammography of two mammary glands (two projections)770,00
Oncology consultation (adults)630,00
Repeated consultation of oncologist (adults)560,00
Ultrasound-unguided needle biopsy (mammary gland, thyroid gland,lymph glands, soft tissues)256,00


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