Stresses, busy lifestyle, imbalanced diet and as a result digestive disorders have become one of the most widespread diseases on the Earth. They give discomfort and have negative influence on the other organs and systems. Gastroenterologists of Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center will help to identify underlying cause of an illness, prescribe treatment, adjust nutrition and get back to normal life.

Abdominal and urinary system ultrasound479,00
Abdominal ultrasound (complex)398,00
Alkaline phosphatase activity determination75,00
Alpha-amylase (pancreatic amylase) activity determination75,00
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity determination75,00
Biopsy of Helicobacter pylori250,00
Cito test for the determination of Helicobacter pylori (feces) antigen209,00
Cito test for the determination of lamblia antigens (feces)150,00
Conjugated bilirubin51,00
Culture bile (1 sample)307,00
Culture feces for dysbacteriosis + antibiotic susceptibility testing312,00
Determination of Ig G antibodies to Ascaris lumbricoides204,00
Determination of Ig G antibodies to Echinococcus160,00
Determination of IgG antibodies to opisthorchis170,00
Determination of IgG antibodies to Trichinella162,00
Duodenal content microscopy198,00
Duodenal intubation605,00
Faecal occult blood test (FOB)170,00
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) activity determination75,00
Gastroenterology consultation (adults)490,00
Glutamyl pyruvic transaminase activity determination (ALT)75,00
Indirect bilirubin51,00
Qualitative determination of HbsAg191,00
Repeated consultation of gastroenterologist (adults)390,00
Scraping for enterobiasis test114,00
Total antibodies to hepatitis C virus (HCV)197,00
Total bilirubin51,00
Сomplete blood count146,00