Endocrinology is a field of applied medicine that deals with treatment of diseases related to the dysfunction of endocrine glands. Part of hormone disruptions respond easily to treatment, while other part requires lifelong treatment, but in any case, it is important to identify imbalance as early as possible. Specialists of Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center will offer you competent diagnostics and efficient treatment in order to prevent the development of complications.

17-OHP content determination188,00
24-hour acetone-urine test172,00
24-hour glucose urine test172,00
Acetone-urine test81,00
ACTH content determination368,00
Aldosterone content determination448,00
Anti-Mullerian Hormone624,00
Antithyroglobulin antibody determination (ATTH)271,00
Blood glucose content determination (fasting)72,00
Blood glucose content determination (Non-fasting)145,00
Blood insulin content determination271,00
C-Peptide content determination271,00
Cortisol content determination (in serum)246,00
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate content determination (DHEA-S)170,00
Determination of thyroid-stimulating hormone receptors antibody439,00
Dihydrotestosterone content determination449,00
Estradiol content determination196,00
Free testosterone content determination207,00
Free thyroxine (free T4) content determination183,00
Free triiodothyronine (free T3) content determination183,00
Glucose tolerance test316,00
Glycated hemoglobin HbA1 content determination294,00
Ionized calcium content determination141,00
Kidney ultrasound319,00
Lutenizing hormone (LH) content determination170,00
Mammary gland ultrasound381,00
Radio-wave excision of the 1st category of skin formation936,00
Radio-wave excision of the 2nd category of skin formation1080,00
Radio-wave excision of the 3rd category of skin formation1224,00
Somatotrophic hormone content determination326,00
Standard 12 Lead ECG including interpretation153,00
Thyreoglobulin content determination299,00
Thyroid ultrasound319,00
Thyroid peroxydase antibody determination (ATPO)218,00
Thyroid-stimulating hormone content determination (TSH)183,00
Total metanephrines (in 24-hour urine)664,00
Total testosterone content determination183,00
Total thyroxine (T4) content determination183,00
Total triiodothyronine (T3) content determination183,00
Urine glucose test81,00
НОМА index311,00