At the initial stages some cardiovascular diseases may proceed without displaying any symptoms and be apparent only during thorough diagnostics. To avoid the gravest consequences in the “main muscle” function, it is necessary to monitor regularly heart and vessel condition. Current level of medicine progress makes it possible for the cardiologists of Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center to detect an illness on time and prevent the development of complications.

24-hour blood pressure monitoring706,00
24-hour Holter monitoring874,00
Blood creatinine content determination75,00
Blood glucose content determination (fasting)72,00
Cardiac stress test788,00
Cardiology consultation (adults)490,00
Cervical vessels doppler sonography397,00
Chloride content determination122,00
Cholesterin content determination59,00
Cito Test Troponin I192,00
Coagulogram (on the automatic analyzer)308,00
Doppler sonography of lower extremity arteries394,00
Doppler sonography of upper extremity veins414,00
International normalized ratio (INR)120,00
Lipid panel354,00
Magnesium content determination79,00
Potassium content determination79,00
Protein fractions content determination187,00
Repeated consultation of cardiologist (adults)390,00
Sodium content determination79,00
Standard 12 Lead ECG including interpretation153,00
Urea content determination75,00
Сomplete blood count146,00