It is not without reason that allergy is called a global problem of the present-day world. Every third inhabitant of the planet suffers from hypersensitivity to a specific substance or group of substances. To define which of them became an irritant for immune system of the body, Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center offers modern laboratory techniques of allergen detection. Thus, we provide a full range of services for treatment of allergic diseases: from consultation of qualified allergist and conduct of tests to the prescription of an efficient course of treatment and recovery monitoring.

Allergology and immunology consultation (adults)510,00
Complex immunogram632,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (амброзія звичайна карликова)200,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (глютен)200,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (коров’яче молоко)200,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (кота епітелій)200,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (пилок квітів)200,00
enАлергологічне обстеження (полуниці)200,00
IgM antibodies to capsid antigen of Epstein Barr virus EBV (VCA IgM)250,00
Qualitative determination of CMV in blood (PCR method)176,00
Qualitative determination of CMV in saliva (PCR method)181,00
Qualitative determination of EBV in blood (PCR method)206,00
Qualitative determination of EBV in saliva (PCR method)206,00
Qualitative determination of Ig M antibodies to CMV183,00
Qualitative determination of toxoplasma in blood (PCR method)204,00
Repeated consultation of allergist – immunologist (adults)390,00
Spirography with medication370,00
Total immunoglobulin IgE determination207,00
Сirculating immune complex (CIC) determination204,00
Сomplete blood count146,00