Septoplasty: breathe through your nose!

Septoplasty: breathe through your nose!

A common cause of difficult nasal breathing in patients at Healthy & Happy Medical Center is curvature of the nasal membrane. The pathology can be congenital or acquired, for example, as a result of trauma.

Confusing the symptom with nasal congestion, patients resort to self-medication. Often it does not work, but only leads to addiction.
Timely consultation with an otolaryngologist will help patients not only to solve the aesthetic problem, but also to prevent the occurrence of diseases such as:

  • apnea – sleep apnea;
  • sinusitis, sinusitis – inflammation of the maxillary and sinus sinuses;
  • frontitis and ethmoiditis.

To diagnose “curvature of the nasal membrane” and identify the complexity of inflammatory processes, doctors MC Healthy & amp; Happy conduct an objective examination, taking into account the conclusion of CT scans. On the basis of examination and consultation, a decision is made on the expediency of surgical intervention – septoplasty.

SEPTOPLASTY in Healthy & amp; Happy only UAH 8900
(excluding preoperative examination and anesthesia)

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Septoplasty is a safe minimally invasive operation that lasts an average of about 30 minutes. Experienced Healthy & Happy surgeons under local anesthesia make minor punctures inside the nose and adjust the shape of the nasal septum through them.
Thanks to the professionalism of Healthy & Happy doctors and the use of modern technologies, there are no swellings, bruises or other complications after the manipulation.

Start breathing freely!

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