How is Healthy&Happy operating during quarantine

How is Healthy&Happy operating during quarantine

Healthy&Happy works for you in normal mode!


During this difficult time, residents and guests of Kyiv have the opportunity to receive truly professional medical care in all departments and divisions of the Healthy&Happy Medical Diagnostic Center, starting with the call-center.


To provide an appointment Healthy&Happy staff will collect maximum necessary dates and info, guarantee detailed answers, develop your individual “Patient route” through the medical center, optimizing your time in the clinic, but at the same time ensuring high-quality medical care in the form of consultations, diagnostics, medical manipulation.


We don’t forget about the sanitary and epidemiological regime. Healthy&Happy unreservedly adheres to the sanitary and hygiene requirements imposed on the health care institutions during national quarantine. Patients are welcome in medical mask only. There is the possibility of hand disinfection.


The process of providing medical services generally meets quarantine period medical care requirements. So – feel free to contact us with any questions and you are guaranteed to get a professional solution to your problem. At Healthy&Happy you can be sure of it.