Promo: Influenza vaccination for 500 UAH instead of 900 UAH

Promo: Influenza vaccination for 500 UAH instead of 900 UAH

The active fight against the COVID19 pandemic has overshadowed not a less dangerous disease like the seasonal flu. Not surprisingly, when testing for COVID19, your attending doctor gives you advice on testing for the flu as well. After all, the mild form of COVID19 has very similar symptoms to the flu – general weakness, high fever, headache, etc. Flu usually occurs every year during the cold season. At the same time, children, seniors, and people with chronic diseases are not enough protected from this, because they have the weakest immunity.

The most effective protection against seasonal flu today is vaccination. It reduces the risk of disease by 70-95%. And in those rare cases when the body of the vaccinated still cannot provide adequate resistance to the virus and disease have occurred, the person tolerates the infection more easily.  And most important is, the vaccine significantly reduces the risk of complications.

Taking care of our patients, the Healthy&Happy Medical Center offers to get the advantage of a unique offer:

only until the end of February, you can vaccinate yourself and the whole family against the flu –
Vaxigripp Tetra-France vaccine for 500 UAH instead of 900 UAH

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