Promo: Colposcopy for a present

Promo: Colposcopy for a present

How to choose  “just your” gynecologist? A painful question for those who doubted the professionalism of female doctors. A good doctor has to successfully combine medical qualifications and excellent communication skills. He should not only provide the correct diagnosis, as well help explain the tests and inform about all stages of treatment in an understandable language. Just these doctors are working in Healthy&Happy medical centers.

STDs, menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalances, infertility are issues within the competence of our gynecologists. And thanking the specialization in oncogynecology, endocrine gynecology, as well as extensive work experience, doctors give hope to patients with the most serious diagnoses. The task of the gynecologist is to choose the optimal strategy for restoring women’s health. Modern techniques are constantly evolving and give more and more chances for quick treatment and recovery.

Until the end of June, you have the opportunity to receive a colposcopy as a gift in addition to consulting an obstetrician-gynecologist!

Consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist with colposcopy – only 610 UAH instead of 925 UAH


Colposcopy is one of the most informative diagnostics methods that allow safe and painlessly examine the cervix,  included in the so-called “gold standard” of diagnostics in gynecology. It can identify the most insignificant, invisible changes, such as erosion, neoplasms, and hemorrhages since oncological diseases do not arise from “nothing” – they gradually develop from affected and degenerated cells. Colposcopy allows diagnosis of inflammatory and background diseases of the female genital organs: polyps, condylomas, herpes infection. But it is especially important for the early diagnosis of precancerous conditions and malignant tumors.

You can make an appointment with the pulmonologist of the MC Healthy&Happy by phone: (044) 501-02-03, or by the form “REGISTRATION”