Planned vaccination and patronage reviews of healthy at Healthy&Happy Health Care Center!

Planned vaccination and patronage reviews of healthy at Healthy&Happy Health Care Center!

Dear customers!

Please pay your attention to the fact that despite the announced national quarantine for COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Healthy&Happy Health Care Center continues to provide planned and emergency immunization.


We emphasize that in-time immunization is objectively an effective tool for preventing from a number of extremely dangerous diseases, in particular diphtheria, measles, tetanus, viral hepatitis, and influenza.


Do not hesitate – make a choice, like most civilized humanity – take advantage of vaccination opportunities. Do it at the Healthy&Happy MC!


Please be up to date:

  1. all vaccination and patronage examinations of children and adults are carried out by appointment only;
  2. planned vaccination and patronage reviews of healthy children and adults are carried out in the Medical Center  (Saksahanskoho, 39A) and Medical Unit No. 3 (Drahomanova, 1H) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in accordance with the work schedule;
  3. emergency vaccination of sick children and adults is carried out in the MC (Saksahanskoho, 39A) and MU No. 3 (Drahomanova, 1H) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or in extreme cases by appointment and at a time determined by the center staff.


Primary medical care physicians (pediatricians, therapists, general practitioners) at Healthy&Happy MC , if the vaccination schedule was interrupted, provide prophylactic vaccines taking into account the minimum intervals between vaccines / toxoids. Immunization for those who are self-insulating / at observation due to COVID-19 and contact persons, will provide after the end of the period of self-isolation / observation.


When vaccinating, it is extremely important to use personal protective equipment and respect for social distance, the same for accompanying persons.


Clients have the opportunity to use hand disinfectants directly in the premises of the medical units .


The medical and diagnostic staff of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center for Immunization strictly adheres to the sanitary and hygienic requirements for the duration of the national quarantine and measures to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections.


So, take care of yourself with us and be healthy!