Osteoporosis prevention screening

Osteoporosis is a systemic disease of the skeletal system. Characteristic manifestations of which are a decrease in bone mass, changes in its structure at the micro level, increased bone fragility. Due to the progression of osteoporosis, the manifestation of osteoporotic fractures that occur with uncomfortable movement, falling, coughing, without any visible external intervention.

Healthy&Happy Medical Center offers a comprehensive laboratory screening to assess the processes of synthesis and destruction of bone tissue, diagnose the disease at an early stage and effectively carry out further monitoring during its treatment.

The main advantages of the screening programmes of MC Healthy&Happy:

  1. The ability to complete the program in one visit to the center (previously agreed on time with you);
  2. Obtaining detailed doctor's treatment recommendations, depending on the results of your diagnosis;
  3. Save more than 20% on medical care.


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