Our Pharmacy

Healthy&Happy pharmacy is a modern pharmacy chain under the brand name of our medical center. In autumn 2014, we brought the idea of opening our own pharmacies to life, having sought to enlarge list of services and help our patients obtain access to high-quality medicines without unnecessary costs and any time expenditures.

Benefits of Healthy&Happy pharmacy:

Quality control. We continuously supervise work of the pharmacies, and that is why our patients can be sure about reliability of the pharmaceuticals.

Reasonable prices. Healthy&Happy pharmacy cooperates with the largest official representatives of domestic manufacturers and this permits to fix moderate prices for the pharmaceutical goods.

Professionalism of the staff. Pharmacy staff undergoes training every month and keeps in close contact with center’s doctors. Due to that, all the employees answer questions of the patients competently and are well informed of the latest medical products.

Attentiveness of the staff. All our pharmacists are good listeners and understand well what the customers of Healthy&Happy pharmacy need.

Ongoing promotions. At Healthy&Happy pharmacy it is possible to measure pressure and blood glucose level every day free of charge. In addition, there are special "Health and Beauty Days" with advanced list of free services, which are intended to help patients detect such serious illnesses as stroke, infarction, diabetes, obesity at early stages. There are also promotional events providing discounts for visiting general practitioner or specialized doctors.

Pharmacy No.1

19A, Akademika Efremova Str. 044 503 02 03

Branch No.1 of the pharmacy No.1

39A, Saksaganskogo Str. 044 502 80 49

Pharmacy No.2

23, Urlovskaia Str. 044 503 02 01

Branch No.1 of the pharmacy No.2

85A, Vyshgorodskaia Str. 044 502 80 49

Pharmacy No.3

6, Miloslavskaia Str. 044 503 02 10

Branch No.1 of the pharmacy No.3

1N, Dragomanova Str. 044 503 02 30