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Since 2018, the Medical Clinical Research Center (MCRC) has been operating on the basis of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center.

Clinical research is part of modern medicine because the development and production of effective medicines are impossible without a proven base. Medical Clinical Research Center of MC Healthy&Happy has become an integral part of modern domestic clinical practice development. Its activity is aimed at improving the lives of patients. Clinical trials of innovative medicines before registration in Ukraine and the world are performed here.

Research programs at the Medical Clinical Research Center of MC Healthy&Happy comply with international ICH GCP standards and are coordinated with the State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The activities of the Medical Clinical Research Center are regulated by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 690 of September 23, 2009 "On Approval of the Procedure for Conducting Clinical Trials of Medicines and Expertise of Materials of Clinical Trials and the Model Regulations on the Ethics Commission."

In the process of Clinical Trials, qualified doctors of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center carefully monitor the effectiveness of therapy and the condition of patients. All doctors have all the necessary certificates, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and are the chief researchers of various clinical trial programs.

Medical Clinical Research Center of MC Healthy&Happy has a modern diagnostic base, guarantees the comfort of stay in the center, as well as absolute confidentiality of patients' personal data and other important criteria for participants.

To approve or confirm the significant changes in the course of clinical trials, the Local Ethics Commission is constantly operating at the MCRC. It is established from the staff of the Medical Center and includes an independent member - a representative of the public. It provides transparency, collegiality, non-involvement in making serious decisions related to minimizing possible risks for patients during trials.

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At MC Healthy&Happy, specialists conduct Phase III studies, during which the effectiveness and dosage of the medicines are confirmed. In these studies, a large group of participants with the medical conditions that the study medicines should treat is involved.

The studies are performed simultaneously in many countries of the world, thus the Healthy&Happy MCRC is a part of international clinical trials.

Types of services

According to the existing programs, upon confirmation of the diagnosis and inclusion in research programs, the MCRC of MC Healthy&Happy provides the following types of services to patients:

  • free complex examination before the patient's participation in the program (instrumental and laboratory tests);
  • free consultations of doctors before the patient's participation in the program;
  • free basic medication during the entire research program;
  • non-stop monitoring of the patient's health status by the leading specialists of the MCr;
  • systematic individual consultations by highly qualified specialized doctors.

Our advantages!

Medical Clinical Research Center Healthy&Happy is:

  1. a subdivision of a powerful medical structure under the Healthy&Happy brand, which has been operating for 18 years in the private medicine market;
  2. the doctors of the center have certificates of good clinical practice (GCP);
  3. possibility to get all the necessary medical services in one place;
  4. comfortable conditions of staying;
  5. a powerful research base, which is equipped with the latest medical technology;
  6. medical and non-medical services standards;
  7. operation according to ISO standards (annually audited);
  8. free comprehensive examination with the consultation of specialized doctors;
  9. accessibility of medication;
  10. constant monitoring of health status, including constant telephone communication;
  11. complete confidentiality and safety of personal data;
  12. the free ability to stop participation at any time;
  13. providing complete and reliable information about the study, the medicinal product, and the state of one's own health.