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The Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska was established I cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, namely the UN Migration Agency. The IOM Medical Department is an internationally accredited clinic, which was opened in 2014 as part of the Healthy&Happy chain development.

The center is located in the new detached building on the 15, Tarasivska str., and operates since 2017 according to new standards for medical services provision.

Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska Directions

The center provides the following types of services, which are part of preventive medical examinations:

  • instrumental diagnostics;
  • laboratory diagnostics;
  • vaccination;
  • consultation of specialized doctors, if necessary.

The center has a modern diagnostic base, which guarantees high-quality research, accredited highly qualified doctors, and all the necessary vaccines.

Who needs to visit the Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska?

The center provides the necessary range of medical services for patients who travel to the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

We provide medical examinations that comply with current medical practice and technical protocols in the countries listed above.

As for medical examinations are aimed to prevent health endangers of migrants and to avoid the risk to public health in the country of destination, the Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska conducts an independent medical examination, taking into account the specific requirements of the particular country to which you are leaving for. Our experience and competencies allow us to provide a highly qualified medical examination, taking into account all the requirements of the legislation of the countries in which you are traveling and your wishes as well.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska you can get:

  • Medical examination to receive a visa to the United States;
  • Medical examination to receive a visa to the UK;
  • Medical examination to receive a visa to Canada;
  • Medical examination to receive a visa to Australia;
  • Medical examination to receive a visa to New Zealand;
  • Medical examination to receive a visa to South Korea.

Medical examination to receive the US visa

In order to get a medical examination for a visa, it is necessary that the medical institution and their doctors have the appropriate accreditation.

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasivska is trusted by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All doctors are accredited to conduct appropriate medical examinations. Healthy&Happy Medical Center is one of the few private medical institutions that has received confirmation from the American Embassy for cooperation.

What medical examination for the U.S. visa contains?

A medical examination for a US visa consists of:

  • study of medical history and vaccination card;
  • physical examination by a doctor (examination of the ENT organs, eyes, skin, hands and feet, as well as lymph nodes);
  • laboratory diagnostics (blood test for the presence of antibodies to measles, a test for syphilis and gonorrhea, an analysis for the latent form of tuberculosis for patients from 2 to 14 years old, and sputum analysis);
  • instrumental diagnostics (chest x-ray);
  • test for mental illness detection (after 15 years).

If the patient is in the process of treatment for mental illness or drug addiction, a doctor's certificate on the course of therapy, its stage, and a list of medicines should be provided.

Applicants of any age, including children under 2 years old, can get a medical examination at the Healthy&Happy Medical Center.

What is required to get a medical examination?

To get a medical examination, you have to provide a number of documents and receive a register number.

Documents that must be submitted to get a medical examination for a US visa:

  • international passport;
  • 4 photographs measuring 50 mm by 50 mm;
  • military ID;
  • a medical card, in which all vaccinations are recorded with the seal of the medical institution where the vaccination was provided;
  • the page of the visa application form.

In addition, during registration, you have to indicate:

  • type of visa;
  • number of the immigration file;
  • address of residence in Ukraine;
  • address of residence in the United States;
  • e-mail and phone number to contact you.

Additionally, you need to add to the package of documents:

  • a certificate from a doctor about chronic diseases (including disability);
  • a certificate from a doctor about pregnancy;
  • a certificate from a doctor about tuberculosis or syphilis therapy;
  • a certificate from a doctor about the presence of a mental illness or therapy.

The US vaccination requirements

When traveling abroad, it is important to check what requirements for the countries of destination regarding (availability of vaccinations) are. In the absence of vaccination, travel abroad is possible if the first stage of vaccination has been provided just before departure.

The United States requires the following list of compulsory vaccinations that Ukrainian citizens who are going to leave for the United States must have:

  • tetanus;
  • diphtheria;
  • measles;
  • rubella;
  • rotavirus;
  • meningococcus;
  • pneumococcus;
  • hemophilic infection;
  • pertussis;
  • poliomyelitis;
  • mumps;
  • hepatitis A and B;
  • varicella;
  • flu.

The specialists at Healthy&Happy Medical Center will help you elaborate on an individual vaccination plan according to US requirements, age, and vaccination availability. We use only high-quality vaccines from trusted manufacturers, all vaccines are in stock.

Features of the medical examination that you need to know about:

  1. A medical certificate of a complete medical examination is valid for 6 months. If the applicant did not leave for the United States during this period, it has to get a full medical examination again.
  2. Patients with tuberculosis are not allowed to travel to the United States until the end of the appropriate treatment unless the purpose of travel is “for medical reasons”.
  3. The results of passing the medical examination applicant will receive personally in an envelope that cannot be opened. The closed envelope is handed over to the representative of the Embassy during the interview.

The medical examination should be postponed if the applicant has:

  • symptoms of acute respiratory disease;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases, accompanied by an increase in body temperature;
  • menstruation.

Pregnancy is not a contraindication for chest X-rays, especially given that the Healthy&Happy Medical Center uses a modern low-dose device with high radiation protection for X-ray.

Our advantages!

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Tarasovskaya is:

  1. 18 years of presence in the private medicine market;
  2. work in accordance with ISO standards (audited annually);
  3. the opportunity to undergo get a medical examination for a visa to the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand;
  4. confidence of the embassies of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea;
  5. doctors are accredited by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  6. a list of necessary services for a professional examination in one place;
  7. no queues;
  8. availability of all necessary vaccines and tests;
  9. the opportunity to receive the results of the professional examination online on the same day;
  10. innovative research base of the latest generation;
  11. convenient location of the center – close to the Central Railway Station, Boryspil and Kiev international airports;
  12. the ability to pay online with the best price conversion rate;
  13. the opportunity to receive additional medical services in the MC Healthy&Happy at Saksahanskoho, which is located within walking distance (6 minutes).
  • Medical center at Tarasivs’ka Str.


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