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Medical Center on Drahomanova Str.

MON-SAT: 8:00-20:00
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Medical Center on Drahomanova Str.

+38 (044) 501 02 03

Medical Center on Drahomanova Str.

About the medical center

Medical Center Healthy & Happy on Drahomanov is the third separate branch of the medical network, which is located on the Left Bank of Kyiv in the residential area “Poznyaki” on the street. Dragomanova, 1H.

We have doctors with more than 20 years of experience, including professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences, doctors with extensive experience in medical practice. Polite and attentive staff will help you plan visits for consultations and diagnostics to optimize your time. Friendly and responsive nurses of the medical center will help to carry out vaccinations and other medical manipulations for children and adults without pain and discomfort.

We have modern medical equipment for high-quality instrumental and laboratory diagnostics.

In our activities we use both traditional, time-tested and innovative methods of diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of diseases in accordance with all national and international standards of medicine.

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  • Address:

    Mikhail Dragomanov str, 1N,
    02068, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Phone:

    +38 (044) 501 02 03

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  • Schedule:

    MON-SAT: 8:00-20:00
    SN: 9:00-14:00


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Medical Center on Drahomanova Str.

Who should visit the medical center Healthy & Happy on Drahomanov?

The medical center is a comprehensive medical institution that provides a full range of medical services for adults and children 7 days a week.

The medical center offers consulting and diagnostic medical services, targeted package care programs for adults and children, as well as registration of sick leave. We can pass preventive medical examinations, vaccinations, get registered in connection with pregnancy.

Every day more than 100 outpatients seek medical help at the Drahomanov Medical Center. We serve both individuals and insured patients, because we work with leading insurance companies (it is more than 40 partner structures, among them – IC “Providna”, IC “Ukrainian Insurance Group”, IC “UNIKA”, IC “INGO Ukraine “, IC” ALPHA INSURANCE “,” Insurance Group “TAS”, “SOS Service Ukraine”, etc.).

Every patient of Healthy & Happy Medical Center can sign a declaration with a family doctor and pediatrician. The program includes favorable conditions for partnership between the patient and the medical institution, the provision of additional medical services under the loyalty program of the network of medical centers. Such visits to the doctor are agreed on the basis of an individual examination plan.

Pregnancy planning and management programs have been developed for expectant mothers. We can register for pregnancy, undergo all necessary tests, examinations and consultations of specialized doctors. You can register for pregnancy from the sixth week. At the Healthy & Happy Center, we monitor pregnancies for up to 40 weeks, after which a certificate of temporary incapacity for work due to pregnancy and childbirth is issued. Women who have chosen Healthy & Happy Medical Center for pregnancy can count on a -20% discount on the loyalty program and the opportunity to take advantage of advantageous offers from our partners for childbirth.


The Medical and Diagnostic Center Healthy & Happy offers the heads of organizations to expand the social package for employees under the program “Office Doctor”. The program provides favorable conditions for interaction and a flexible approach to the list of services offered and pricing policy. The program provides an opportunity to consult a doctor with a visit to the medical staff in your office.

We are ready to offer special programs of diagnosis, treatment and prevention to anyone who cares about their health.

The medical center is located in the administrative building on the ground floor, which allows you to conveniently “park” children’s vehicles. There is a lounge area and a place to feed and swaddle children.


Methods of diagnosis and treatment

At the Healthy & Happy Medical Center, you can get expert advice to prevent disease, treat and undergo a complete diagnostic examination using common diagnostic methods on modern expert-class equipment.

Among the methods of instrumental and hardware diagnostics available to doctors:

High accuracy and reliability of instrumental research is achieved due to the sufficient available instrumental base of the medical center Healthy & Happy on Drahomanov.


Own medical laboratory, which has been operating since 2012 and is one of the three leading private medical laboratories at outpatient clinics in Kyiv. Areas in which it works, allow you to quickly detect existing infectious diseases, various pathologies of the human body, chronic diseases. A wide range of general clinical and specialized laboratory services is available to all segments of the population.

In addition to consulting doctors, you can receive physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic massages, nursing manipulations and vaccinations in the outpatient clinic at the Healthy & Happy Medical Center.


Our advantages

Medical center Healthy & Happy on Drahomanov is:

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