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Healthy&Happy Medical Center is the Diagnostic and Health Care Center located in the historical part of Kyiv at 39-A Saksaganskoho str. Our multidisciplinary medical institution provides a full range of medical services 7 days a week for adults and children.

We have about 300 employees, among them professors, doctors, and candidates of medical sciences, most of the doctors have the highest category and significant job experience (more than 20 years of clinical practice). As well, we cooperate with doctors who have been working with us from the beginning since 2002.

Doctors of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center use in their activities time-tested and innovative methods of disease diagnostics and complex treatment in accordance with high domestic and international medical standards.

We have modern medical equipment for high-quality instrumental and laboratory diagnostics.

Main areas:

Who needs to visit the Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Saksaganskoho?

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Saksaganskoho provides medical services for adults and children in more than 20 medical directions. Every day about 1000 patients get services into the center on Saksaganskoho.

We serve both individuals and insured patients, because we work with leading insurance companies (these are more than 40 partner structures, among them following insurance companies Providna, Ukrainian Insurance Group, UNIQA, INGO Ukraine, ALFA INSURANCE "," Insurance Group "TAS", "SOS Service Ukraine" and others).

Each patient of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center can sign a declaration with the family doctor (general practitioner) and pediatrician. The program offers favorable terms of the partnership between the patient and the medical center, as well as the flexible approach to the provision of additional medical services. Every visit to the doctor based on an individual examination plan.

Pregnancy planning and monitoring programs are developed for expectant mothers. You can register with us for the pregnancy monitoring; get all the necessary tests, diagnostics, and consultations with highly specialized doctors. You can register for pregnancy monitoring from the sixth week. At the Healthy&Happy center, we monitor pregnancy up to 40 weeks, after which we issue a sick list due to pregnancy and further childbirth. Women who have chosen the Healthy&Happy Medical Center for pregnancy monitoring can get 20% discount by the loyalty program and the opportunity to take advantage of our partners for childbirth.

Diagnostic and Health Care Center Healthy&Happy invites CEOs of organizations to expand the social package for employees within the "Office Doctor" program. The program provides favorable terms and a flexible approach to the medical services and pricing policy. The program provides an opportunity to get a consultation with a doctor during a visit to the office.

Diagnostic and treatment methods

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, you can get competent advice for the prevention or treatment of the disease and get a full diagnostic examination by common diagnostic methods on modern expert-class equipment.

Among the methods of instrumental and hardware diagnostics:

  • radiography;
  • mammography;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • endoscopy;
  • ophthalmological diagnostics (ophthalmoscopy, pneumotonometry, autorefractometry, perimetry);
  • functional diagnostics (cardiovascular, otolaryngological, neurological, etc.) - bicycle ergometry, electrocardiography, audiometry, electroencephalography.

High accuracy and reliability of instrumental studies are assured due to the existing powerful instrumental base of the Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Saksaganskogo.

Own medical laboratory, which has been operating since 2012 and is one of the three leading private medical laboratories at ambulances of Kiev. The laboratory capacities let us identify quickly existing infectious diseases, various pathologies of the human body, and chronic diseases. The wide list of common clinical and specialized laboratory services are available to all people.

Our biologists work on the latest generation equipment, which allows us to automate the research processes, significantly increase the accuracy of results and reduce the analysis time and the influence of the human factor on the result to a minimum. 80% of the research is performed by our biologists on the same day. You can get test results in real-time within six hours by email and through the Healthy&Happy mobile application.

At the Healthy&Happy Medical Center, in addition to doctors' consultations, you can receive physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic massages, nursing manipulations, and vaccination as well.

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center has a modern surgery premise where minimally invasive surgical treatment is performed according to the principle of "One Day Surgery".

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center carries out surgical treatment in the following areas:

  • surgery;
  • dermatovenerology;
  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • proctology;
  • urology;
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • otolaryngology.

Our experienced surgeons perform routine surgical interventions for gynecological, urological, otolaryngological, proctological, and surgical pathologies, including abdominal ones.
They also use minimally invasive surgery on an outpatient basis (radio wave and hysteroscopic surgery) for diseases of the female genital organs, pathologies of the cervix, abdominal organs, urinary system, ENT organs, etc. In addition, the medical center can offer aesthetic surgery to correct congenital and acquired defects of the face and body.

Our advantages

The Healthy&Happy Medical Center on Saksaganskogo is:

  1. 18 years of presence in the private medicine market;
  2. standardization of medical and non-medical service for the entire network of medical units;
  3. operating in accordance with ISO standards (audited annually);
  4. cooperation with more than 40 insurance companies;
  5. affordable prices for services while maintaining a high quality of service;
  6. own laboratory and the ability to take tests at home;
  7. on-site services, including house calls;
  8. own pharmacy at the medical center (affordable prices, works with insurance companies);
  9. advanced modern medical equipment;
  10. continuous professional development of personnel;
  11. individual programs of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention;
  12. the ability to sign declarations with family doctors and pediatricians (receiving free medicines, according to the Affordable Medicines program).