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Healthy&Happy Diagnostic and Treatment Center is a founder of Н&Н in-house publication – journal of health and healthy lifestyle on the pages of which you will find interesting and useful information in the unique ironical manner of writing.


#1 09/2018

Among the journal columns:


Introduction. Here you can get first-hand information about Healthy&Happy specialists.

What do you say, doc? Leading doctors of the Diagnostic and Treatment Center tell about themselves and medicine.

History of medicine. Do you want to know why doctors wore horrible masks with huge noses during plague, what doctor Freud liked and what led Banting to the discovery of insulin? Then you are in the right place.

Feature story. Healthy&Happy professionals analyze, explain, make hints and suggest the ways to preserve health and wipe out diseases.

Health: men. We’ll help to gain an understanding of men’s acute problems and solutions for them.

Health: women. From hormone fluctuations to premenstrual syndrome - everything that concerns women, with details and helpful hints.

There are no silly questions and I hesitate to ask are exclusive features covering the topics it is not so easy to talk on. But not for us!

Warm-up. Life without sport is not life. Healthy&Happy experts explain how to be active without health hazard.

Powerful force. Owing to the useful hints from cosmetologists of the center you will become more attractive and preserve your youth.


Publication is free and available at every Healthy&Happy Center.